Blog Post Tip: Answer a Question


It can be difficult to come up with new ideas or twists on old ideas for your blog. But one way to have new content that meets your readers needs is by answering questions. If you don’t have emails or comments from readers asking questions, you can ask for submissions either on a blog post, emailed to your subscriber list or through your social networking profile such as Twitter. Other options for finding relevant questions to answer are:

  • Visit Yahoo! Answers to see what questions are being asked in your niche.
  • Visit forums and discussion groups on sites and social networks related to your niche.
  • Do a keyword search on words and phrases related to your topic. These are the words people are using to find information they have questions about.

Keep a file to store questions you come across that can be answered on your blog. You may find that you have so many questions, that you can have a regular Q&A feature. Even if you don’t get that many questions, creating a file of questions provides a ready-made blog topic when you aren’t sure what to write about.


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