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I had a wonderful interview with Carrie Willard from Natural Moms Talk Radio about her blogging career for Profit Blog Blueprint. Carrie shared some terrific tips and resources that PBB members will be able to use to their benefit. But what struck me was how Carrie was able to achieve her goal of working at home as a blogger while also raising six children (with one more on the way) and homeschooling. Let’s face it, if anyone has an excuse for a lack of time or energy to pursue working at home, Carrie is that person.

But Carrie sees it quite differently. Her blogging isn’t something extra she wants to do when she finds time. It’s a priority. And that priority now helps support the family and supported her when she was a single mom. Carrie reports that she gets up an hour early to write and at least one time a week her husband takes over with the kids so she can spend a few more hours on her blog.

Everyone is busy, but what you prioritize gets attention. If you want to work at home, you need to make it priority. Schedule time for it during the day (and/or night). Even if it’s just a few minutes every morning. It may not seem like much, but regular, consistent action will move you forward much better than inconsistent globs of time.

Be sure to check out Carrie’s blog at Natural Moms Talk Radio .

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