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Odds are you’ve heard of blogging, but you might be stumped on how people actually make money from it. Like many other work-at-home options, blogging is a viable way to make a living from home, but it takes planning and work. There is no set-it-and-forget-it when it comes to blogging. Here is a basic overview to blogging and links to information and resources for further details.

Pros of Blogging:
1) Flexible – You can work on a blog anytime of the day or night.
2) Choose to blog about anything that interests you.
3) Affordable to start. You can actually start for free, but I recommend investing in a domain name and web hosting if you want to make good money.
4) Easy to start. Gone are the days in which knowing how to code was needed to blog. Now most blogging systems have copy/paste and drag/drop options making them easy to set up.

Cons of Blogging:
1) Time commitment – You need to add quality content on a regular (at least 3 times a week) basis.
2) Takes time to earn money – Blogs make money when they have readers. It can take time to generate the number of readers needed to make money.
3) Maintaining a list of things to write about. I’ve been writing about working at home since 1998 and sometimes I feel like there’s nothing left to say.
4) Open yourself up to online trolls. I’ve been fairly fortunate that I don’t get hassled often, but depending on the topic you blog about, there are people who like to bully bloggers.

Getting Started

1) Choose a topic for your blog. It should be big enough to allow lots of content, but narrow enough to attract a specific target group. If I were to start a work-at-home blog today, I wouldn’t start Work-At-Home Success because it’s too big. Instead I’d focus on a specific type of work-at-home (i.e. telecommuting) or a specific target group (i.e. baby boomers).

2) Check that others are interested in the topic as well. Since readers is the key to success, you want to check that others are interested in the topic. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to see how many people are searching your topic. Also take note of the search terms they use as these will be guides to what you should blog about.

3) Set up your blog. There are several blogging platforms you can use. I’d avoid’s free option as it has too many limitations for bloggers who want to make money. Instead, I recommend using You’ll need to buy a domain name and web-hosting to use this version of WordPress. A free option is Blogger.

4) Customize your blog to fit your topic. This includes installing and/or customizing your theme and adding your own header or logo.

5) Add your static pages. These pages never change and include things like “About” and “Contact”.

6) Add blog posts. I always recommend setting up 10 blog posts as quickly as possible before marketing the blog. Once you’ve got 10 blogs posted, you can start a blogging schedule of 3 to 7 or more posts a week.

7) Market your blog. Having a blog in and of itself won’t generate money. The money comes from having people read your blog. So let people know about your blog and your posts. You can do this by guest blogging on other blogs, article distribution, social media and other marketing strategies.

8) Add monetization. While you can add money-making links earlier, they won’t make money until you have traffic, so marketing (#7) is crucial and should always come first because it can take time to generate. There are many ways to monetize your blog including Adsense and other contextual ads, affiliate links, selling ad space and sponsored/review posts.

To learn more about making a living blogging, check out Blogging for Bucks at Work-At-Home Success University. It’s a 4-week email course that takes you step-by-step in getting started and resources to help grow and make more. It includes steps to choosing a topic, takes you by the hand in setting up a blog, and helps you create a marketing plan so you can make money from your blog. And, because the course is delivered by email, you can go through the materials at your convenience, day or night. Visit Work-At-Home Success University to learn more.

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