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Direct sales is a fast and affordable way to start a business today…right now even. Joining a direct sales business gives you everything you need to start making money including a product or service, marketing tools, training and support.

But success isn’t automatic and your sponsor isn’t going to do the work for you. The key to success in a direct sales business is to regularly and consistently do the tasks that are required to entice people to take a look at what you have to offer and help them buy.

Here some tips to building a successful direct sales business.

1) Use Your Company’s Products and Services – The most successful people in direct sales not only know everything about their products, they actually love them. They don’t give the company line on how great they are, but instead share personal stories about their success with the products. The only way to learn about your products and develop personal stories is to use them.  Further, if its discovered that you sell the products, but use a competing brand in your personal life, your credibility is shot. So commit to being your own best customer.

2) Set Goals and Make a Plan – Goals not only give you something to strive for, but they help you stay focused and provide feedback on how well your actions are working. Set long-term goals such as making a six-figure income or being able to quit your job. Also set short term goals that act like steps on a ladder to reaching your long-term goal. Achieve your goals by having an action plan that you work daily. Goal achieving actions include marketing, follow-up with customers and prospects, and generating new leads.

3) Let Your Sponsor Help You – An advantage to direct sales businesses over starting a business from scratch is that you  get a coach for free. It’s your sponsors job not only to train you, but to provide moral support as well.  If your sponsor isn’t able to do this, contact her sponsor or the company for help. What’s important to remember is that your sponsor is a teacher and a coach. It’s not her job to build YOUR business, as she has her own business to build.

Also make time to attend team or company training events. Many offer them online or through teleconference calls. Most have a one-time a year conference that you should try to attend as well.

4) Create a Marketing Plan – Marketing is the most significant job you’ll do each day in your business. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t buy from you. Many direct marketing companies focus on making a list of contacts. While this can help you get started, ideally you need to create a marketing plan based on your target market, not your network of acquaintances. Through marketing you can generate warm leads, which are easier to work than cold ones who haven’t indicated an interest in your product. Determine who are the most likely buyers of your products or services. Identify the triggers that make them buy your products, such as solving a problem or eliminating a hassle. Find out where this market can be found, such as the websites they read and places they visit, and then put your marketing materials in front of them.

5) Stay the Course – Success in anything worthwhile takes time, patience and persistence. You need a can-do attitude particularly when things aren’t going as planned. It’s very easy to get discouraged, so you need to find ways to stay focused and motivated. Maintain weekly contact with your sponsor and attend company or team sponsored events. Read success and business how-to books to build your confidence as well as your skills.

I think direct sales is a great way to start a part-time business on a budget. I’m not alone in that thought. Many financial and business gurus such as David Bach author of the Finish Rich Series and Donald Trump have recommended direct sales as a way to generate additional income and start a business.

To learn more about choosing a direct sales company, read WAHS’s article Six Criteria for Choosing a Business Opportunity.

For detailed help in building a profitable direct sales business, check out Work-At-Home Success University’s course on Direct Sales Success.

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