Build Your Business Bigger With Coaching Programs


Build Your Business Bigger With Coaching Programs

Do you naturally help others without being asked?
Are you the person people ask for help on a specific topic because they know you’ll have the answers?
Do you already provide a great service and know you could help more people if you only had the time?

If so, you might be perfectly suited to grow a Coaching Business.

We all have special talents and skills. It’s simply a part of life that you’ll gravitate towards something and become better at that than others. The wonderful thing about that is sharing our talents and skills can earn us some really good money.

Just think about it. Piano teachers charge hourly to share their knowledge about beautiful music with their students. Therapists charge by the hour to listen to you talk about your feelings and offer their unique ability to help. Personal trainers are usually people who’ve mastered fitness and health and are willing to help you do the same for an hourly fee.

Now offering hourly services is a great business but eventually you have to build out a bigger business by adding more people, or you have to find other ways to grow bigger. That’s where a Coaching Business can create huge leverage for you. If you can find a way to lay out training that effectively teaches people to do something, then you can build your own business selling coaching programs.

Here’s how to get started with your own coaching business:

  1. Create a coaching program outline – I usually take about 30-60 minutes to initially outline my own coaching programs and I recommend you do, too. Don’t take weeks or months thinking this through. If it’s taking you that long to come up with quality content then it’s likely that the program you’d like to teach isn’t right for you.
  2. Create your sales page – Yes I create a sales page before I even create the product. There’s a method to this madness and it will be revealed in just a moment.
  3. Set up your order process – If you have an online shopping cart already, great, this will be easy. If you don’t have a shopping cart and affiliate program yet then there will be some setup for you. Getting this process together is an online business essential if you want to growing income for the knowledge you have to share.
  4. Promote your coaching program – Use what you’ve got and start to build a bigger following that you can promote your coaching program to. You can do this through email marketing, social media marketing, webinars, giveaways and more. The options for attracting prospects is never-ending so you’ll want to go after what appeals to you most and is enjoyable.
  5. CREATE your coaching program – The actual creation process comes last for good reason. When you’ve gone through the process of creating your outline and finding people to buy you’ve validated your product and you didn’t waste a ton of time. If you had created the program first then you’d have no idea if it’s really going to sell and you might spend much to much time creating a program that no one wants. Now you can move forward with a built-in panel to use your product as you go. Of course you’ll need to make sure you’ve provided realistic release dates to your paying customers and DELIVER on those dates as promised!

Coaching programs will allow you to move a small business into a much bigger arena. Where you were getting $50 per hour you could now have huge time leverage and earn $500 per hour or more.

You’ll be able to help more people, see more results from your efforts and grow your business bigger than is possible with an hourly business model.

If this sounds like something you’d LOVE to do for your business I invite you to get more information on coaching programs and grab your totally free Product Launch Checklist here.

If you have any immediate questions about this post or coaching programs in general I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and I will 100% respond with my best advice.

All the best in your coaching program efforts!




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