Can You Still Make Money Blogging?


I’ve heard a couple of “experts” mention recently that it’s not possible to make money blogging anymore. Their statements surprised me because I knew they both had several blogs and were successful online entrepreneurs. In deciphering what they may have meant, I determined that while they did indeed have blogs, blogging wasn’t the only or maybe even the main source of income. In fact, their blogs were more like marketing vehicles, as opposed to an income source.

In the early days of blogging, earning good profits required an SEO optimized blog, ad feeds and affiliate links, and a great source of traffic. You could supersize your blogging income by having an email list. Today, a site with ads probably isn’t going to cut it.

Today, successful bloggers still have an SEO optimized blog, some have ad feeds or affiliates, a great stream of traffic and an email list, but that’s not all they have. Most have their own products, whether its ebooks, online courses or coaching programs. They have a community of followers through social media and/or their own forums. They use a wide range of tools for distributing information, such as video, podcasting and webinars. They don’t rely solely on search engines to drive traffic, but instead network with peers, make guest appearances on other blogs and podcasts, manage their own affiliate programs and more.

Once you start adding in all this stuff, it can get get very overwhelming. How is it possible to add great content regularly AND engage in social media, make new products, produce videos, recruit affiliates and more? It’s a challenge. One that requires an organized plan and a recognition that you can’t have all the income spokes of a blog up and running in a day. Like many work-at-home income options, blogging takes time to build, grow and earn a profit. But it is doable. With a great idea, a workable plan, and a desire to succeed, blogging is still a viable way to make money on your own time, from home, doing something you enjoy doing.

This summer I had the chance to attend the Beachpreneurs Conference where I was able to meet Rachel Martin, who not only runs a successful blog, Finding Joy, but is also the vice-president of Blogging Concentrated, which offers live and online programs to help people make a living blogging. If you want to know how to turn your interests or passions into a profitable blog, Rachel and the crew at Blogging Concentrated are the people to see.

BC Stack - Make Money BloggingHowever, not everyone can afford to attend a blogging conference or sign up for a full scale blogging course. Fortunately, the pros at Blogging Concentrated have put together over 60-expert resources in its BC Stack to help you get started blogging for only $27!! You’ll find everything you need neatly organized in several catagories including:

  • Getting Started
  • Generating Cash
  • Growing Traffic
  • Creating Products
  • Formulating Systems
  • Creating Community
  • Growing Your Platform
  • Tools
  • And a bunch of bonuses

I bought this package first thing this morning because the list of pros sharing tips, ideas and resources was too great to pass up. Especially at $27!

Admittedly, there is so much great stuff, that you might feel overwhelmed. But if you work through the resources base on your needs, taking it a step at a time, you can create a successful, profitable blog. So don’t wait. This terrific package of resources is available only for a few days. Grab the BC Stack now and start planning and building your money-making blog today.

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