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Scam Alert: Bait and Switch Fake Check Job Scam

Scam Alert: Bait and Switch Fake Check Job Scam

A WAHS reader contacted me this week about a job she’d applied for. Initially, she was asked to edit some material on a trial basis, which she did. But then she was told they weren’t hiring for editing and instead asked if she’d be a representative in dealing with PayPal payments.… Read the rest

How to Keep Your Home Business Secure

How to Keep Your Home Business Secure

Guest Post by Eileen O’Shanassy

One of the most important aspects of an at-home-business is how much security you should invest into it. Your budget may not allow you to do everything you want to, but there are several things business owners should do immediately to insure both the business and its customers are protected fully.… Read the rest

How to Know if It's Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or a Scam

How to Know if It’s Legitimate Work-At-Home Job or a Scam

The opportunities for work-at-home jobs continue to grow, but so do the number of scams targeting work-at-home wannabes. If you don’t want to be one of the millions of people losing money in your work-at-home quest, you need to arm yourself with knowledge on how to weed out the scams and deceptive schemes.… Read the rest

8 Work-At-Home Scams to Watch Out For

8 Work-At-Home Scams to Watch Out For

No one wants to be the victim of a scam. But avoiding work-at-home scams is more than just about protecting your money or identity. It will also keep you out of legal hassle. Some scams involve the victim perpetuating the scam.… Read the rest

4 Things to Avoid When Doing Business with Strangers

Selling Something? 4 Things to Avoid When Doing Business with Strangers

Guest Post by Meghan Belnap

Thanks to the scalability of the internet, it’s easier than ever to sell items not only locally, but also across the globe. Online ads on Craigslist, Facebook, buy, sell and trade groups, newspaper sale ads and other venues are all excellent platforms for selling and buying items.… Read the rest

Work At Home Fake Check Scam

Scam Alert: Job Offer is Fake Check Scam

This showed up in my email the other day. It was an offer for a work-at-home job, but in fact is a fake check scam. If you get something like this…delete it! Not only can fake check scams result in your losing money, but you could go to jail for passing a fake check to your bank.… Read the rest

Truth About Data Entry Jobs

The Truth About Work-At-Home Data Entry Jobs

The most of email I receive asks about work-at-home jobs, and a significant portion of those email indicate they want to get paid to do data entry or type. Starting out, I was the same. I just wanted someone to pay me to do menial work.… Read the rest

What to do if you've been scammed

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

One of the worst feelings you can have is the realization that you’ve been duped. Especially in working at home. You’ve put your faith and money into a program you believe will allow you to have financial security and work/life balance, only to discover the program is a fake.… Read the rest

How to Avoid a Pyramid Scam

How to Avoid a Pyramid Scam

A challenge to finding a work-at-home opportunity is avoiding scams. One of the most feared swindles is the pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, most people do not know what a pyramid scheme is. As a result, they pass up viable direct sales opportunities they erroneously believe are pyramids, but sometimes get caught up in Internet or “investment” schemes that are illegal pyramids.… Read the rest

Scam Alert: Top Scams to Watch Out For

Yesterday, a regular visitor of Work-At-Home Success contacted me saying she received a letter with a $1,384.70 check to “mystery shop” for “Honda of America”. My fingers couldn’t type “NO, DON’T DO IT” fast enough (and I type fast!). The checks looks real.… Read the rest