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Work-At-Home Success is always in the need for fresh content related to working at home. WAHS doesn’t pay for articles. If you have articles you’d like to share, let WAHS know.

Please note that WAHS publishes guest posts for free, but charges for sponsored posts (“Supported Contributor Posts”). If your post doesn’t meet the criteria below, then odds are it’s a sponsored post (see sponsored post information below). If you have questions, use the form below to contact me.

WAHS’s Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

WAHS receives more requests for guest posts than can be managed. All requests for guest posting that doesn’t meet the requirements below will not be considered.

NOTE TO CONTENT WRITERS SUBMITTING ON BEHALF OF A BUSINESS: We’ve received an influx of articles from paid writers with in-content links that we feel Google would question. We’ve tried to work with content writers, but have determined that we need to be more stringent on these types of articles.  If you’re writing on behalf of another business, your article still needs to adhere to the outline below or you can choose the sponsored post option below. Obvious paid links will automatically be considered a sponsored post and you’ll be contacted about that option instead, or will need to agree to a no-follow link.

1. Submissions should fit the market of those who want to work at home. We prefer specific and/or niche topics over general work-at-home articles. The site has been online since 1998, so it has plenty of generic and general work-at-home, productivity, home office, and marketing articles. We like articles that are more specific and narrow in topic.

2. WAHS prefers original content only. WAHS will accept syndicated material as long as it doesn’t violate any copyright from the original location of the post. Note that Google will likely not rank the duplicated article if the piece is already ranked on another site.

3. Your submission may be edited for grammar, spelling and clarity. Your concept and links will remain intact.

4. No links allowed in the content, unless approved by WAHS. Depending on the link, WAHS will do one of four things: 1) WAHS may accept the in-text link(s) as is, 2) add the no-follow attribute, 3) direct you to the sponsored post option (see below), or 4) deny the link.

5. One link can be posted in your bio at the end of your article. It will be screened before posting. WAHS won’t run articles that try to hide a paid or questionable link in the bio.

6. All articles will be reviewed, but there is no guarantee they will run or when they will be run. Articles may be scheduled for posting at a future date. You will receive a notification when your article runs.

Guest Post Disclaimers/Policy

  • WAHS can make no guarantees that your article will run.
  • We receive guest posts daily, which means your post may not appear for several weeks or even months.
  • WAHS cannot guarantee to leave your links or that it won’t use no-follow. However, you will be notified if links can’t be used or can only be used with no-follow.
  • WAHS reserves the right to add in-site links to your article.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Otherwise, you can submit your article idea using the form below.

Sponsored Posts: Your article can be a review, giveaway or informative post that includes up to 3 in-post links pointing to your website or a website you’re writing on behalf of. You can include keywords and SEO. All content and links must be related to working at home (i.e. home business, marketing, home office, supplies, finances, taxes, productivity etc). You can include an image. All sponsored posts will be reviewed and edited. Any needed changes will be discussed prior to posting. WAHS will disclose that the post is a “Supporting Contributor Post” and compensated for. To meet Google policy the post or the the links will be No Follow. Per Google, this is done “In order to prevent paid links from influencing search results and negatively impacting users.” Sponsored posts written by you are $100 for a no-follow attribute. Please Contact WAHS to make sponsored post arrangements.