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A few weeks ago, I started as a contributing writer for Dan Schawbel’s Most people think of branding in the context of business, but job hunting individuals can benefit from personal branding as well. In fact, for work-at-home positions, personal branding can set you apart from the competition and increase your chances of getting hired.

One of my first articles for was, “Make Your Resume Stand Out Using Marketing Strategies”, which I wanted to share with you here because it can help you create a winning resume in your work-at-home job search.

Few would doubt the importance of a resume in the job process. It is the first chance you have to convince an employer you’re the person for the job. According to a report in the George Washington University Office of Career Services, job seekers compete with 75 to 100 other candidates for every job opening. Your resume needs to show you have the skills and experience for the job, but also it needs to stand out from all the resumes listing similar skills and experiences. So it’s always a surprise to me when people treat their resume like a laundry list of accomplishments instead of what it really is, a marketing piece. To stand out in the crowd, use the same strategies that successful marketers do to reach their market.

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