Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018


I like to do a variety of things to make money from home. But one my favorites is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you get all the perks of selling a product or service, without the hassle of creating, inventorying, or delivering it.

However, many people choose affiliate products willy nilly, or by the profit potential alone, which isn’t the best way to choose products and services to promote. Further, many people simply slap an affiliate link on their blog or send it through social media and then wait to get paid. But this isn’t how to make the big bucks in affiliate marketing.

This infographic offers an easy representation of how to really make a living with affiliate marketing. While I think all the info is good, the few concepts I recommend you pay close attention to are:

  1. Let your followers know how the affiliate product or service will help them.
  2. Create a funnel system and email marketing (I’ve been focusing more and more on funnels lately).
  3. Track your data. Your data tells you what’s working and what isn’t so you can make decisions that will make you more profitable.

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018


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