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The Internet has opened a world of opportunities for would-be writers. Now anyone with a computer and Internet access can get their knowledge, thoughts and passion out to the masses with little to no barrier to entry. Learn how you can take advantage of all the opportunities to get paid to write online.

What You’ll Find in Digital Writer Success

With step-by-step instructions, worksheets, examples and tons of resources, Digital Writer Success: How to Make a Living Blogging, Freelance Writing, and Publishing Online provides everything you need to get started making money writing in the digital marketplace.

  •  How to quickly, easily, and affordably set up a blog that makes money through a variety of income-stream options.
  •  How to market blogs, freelance writing services, and books.
  •  How to get hired to write content for businesses and online media sources.
  •  Ebook publishing from start to finish including how to pitch digital publishers or self-publish through major e-tailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more.
  •  Systems and tools to save time and effort when managing and marketing a writing career.

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Digital Writer Success nails it as a practical tool to get started writing for income! Way more than fluff, it hands you page after page of hands-on, how-to information that empowers the writer hoping to earn a living. So much grounded common sense in this book, the kind you don’t see in most writing guides. I’ll be suggesting this book when I speak to groups. Well done.

~C. Hope Clark, editor and mystery author,

Blogs. Social Media. Demystified. Leslie Truex takes on blogging and using social media to create or further your writing career. She discusses digital tools, explains why each is important and has a place in your writing strategy, and tells you how to embrace the technology to achieve your goals. This guide is for writers who want to improve their e-presence in the digital world whether or not they want to earn money from blogging, Don’t procrastinate any longer. Take notes. Then put your pen away and apply her suggestions. Highly recommended for writers at all levels of their careers.

~ Betsy Ashton, President of Virginia Writers Club

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes it’s difficult to navigate the information highway. Especially for writers, our world has evolved from the sharpened pencil meets yellow notepad to the strokes on a keyboard being transmitted into the vast land of the Internet. Leslie Truex has deftly mapped out this new frontier with her latest book, Digital Writer Success. This is an absolute must-have for everyone who is not only trying to keep up with our ever-changing technology, but also wants to succeed in areas such as blogging, freelancing, and epublishing.

~ Kimberly Dalferes, author, Magic Fishing Panties, humor columnist – Dock Tale Hour, & blogger at The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats

What can I say but, “Where was this book when I was starting my digital writing business?” Digital Writer Success is packed full of practical step-by-step information to set up a successful digital writing business, whether you want to blog, freelance, author books—or all three! What I most appreciate about this book is its no-nonsense view. Leslie doesn’t try to blow smoke by telling us it will be easy or by making false promises; what she does offer is the information we need to know if we want to set up our digital writing business correctly, right from the start! Chocked full of tools, resources and action checklists, you will want this book sitting on your desk as a reference every day. Not sure where to start? Unsure about which tool is best for the job? Have writer’s draught or analysis paralysis? Just reach for Digital Writer’s Success. It will guide you so that you can move from thinking about writing to living the lifestyle you want…as a writer!

~ Jacqueline Myers, college professor, freelance writer and editor, and owner/writing expert at and


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