Earn $2000 Per Month Teaching Children English Online with Education First


Opportunities to teach and tutor online continue to grow. One type of teaching that is expanding is teaching Chinese children English. There are several companies that do this in the U.S. and Canada, but if you’re in the U.S. or the U.K. Education First offers jobs that pay up to $2,000 U.S. (£1,500 gdp).

Here is information about Education First’s jobs and requirements:

What is Education First?

Education First is an educational service that provides a variety of world-wide programs, including classes to teach English to Chinese children, ages 5 to 10, through online tutoring and teaching. The system uses its own video conferences platform to provide the educational programming. Teachers/tutors can set their own schedule for the 25 minute sessions. The more availability you have and the quality of rapport you build with your students will allow you to have more opportunities to teach.

What is Education First’s schedule?

You can set your own schedule, but since you’re working with children in China, you’ll need to work times that are ideal for them. After school in China is generally from 4 am to 8:30 am eastern standard time in the U.S. Education First offers additional pay for people who teach during peak times between 5 am and 7:30 am EST weekdays.

There are opportunities to teach during weekends as well, from Friday nights at 8 pm to Saturday mornings to 8 am eastern standard time, and Saturday nights from 8 pm to Sunday mornings at 8 am EST.

What is required to work for Education First?

To be considered for a teaching position at Education First you need:

  • To be a native English speaker and live in the U.S. or the U.K.
  • To have a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field.  You will be asked to submit transcripts or a diploma showing your degree.
  • Undergo a background check, the cost of which is covered by Education First
  • Submit a 40 hour TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. Education First has information on how to obtain this quickly and affordably.
  • Have a headset, personal computer, and access to wired Ethernet connection. Wifi is not compatible with the Educational First platform.

What is the application process?

1. To apply, submit your email here at Education First and you’ll receive instructions.

2. You’ll need to provide your phone, email and Skype ID

3. Provide your city, state, and country.

4. Authorization to work in the US or UK

5. Teaching experience if any

6. Resume, a copy of your diploma, transcript or other degree verification, and a copy of your teaching certificate

How much are Education First teachers paid?

Education First offers an independent contractor position, usually assigned for a six-month term with options for auto-renewal. Contractors are responsible for their own taxes, as no withholding is taken from payments. Teaching times run about 25 minutes, and teachers are paid an average of $13 to $19 per hour. According to the Education First website, you can earn $2,000 teaching online.

What is it like working for Education First?

Glassdoor reviews of working at Education First are generally good. Negatives tend to be related to lack of structured work environment, unusual work hours, and low pay for bachelor’s level work.  The work environment is to be expected for working at home, and work times are related to when children are awake and available to learn. Pay is low compared to traditional teaching; however that is offset by savings from working at home, as well as potential tax deductions for your home office.

To learn more and apply, visit Education First 


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