Expert Tips On How To Supplement Your Income With Affiliate Marketing


When it comes to working at home, it’s not necessarily more secure or stable than traditional forms of income. But, it is easier to build additional income streams into a home-based career, which can hep you avoid losing all your income if you’re let go of a work-at-home job or your main income stream stops.

One great way to earn a side income is with Affiliate Marketing. This is where you promote other companies’ services or products and you get paid each time you refer them a new customer. It can be an easy way to add a little something to income stream (or a lot if you’re good at it!). It can be a confusing at first, so we asked these experts to share with us their expertise!

Steve Razinski

 I’ve Tried That 

1)  Focus on providing your reader with the best possible experience. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to help connect readers with information they’re searching for online. Your primary focus should be to writing resources that help your readers first and foremost.

2) The importance of keyword research cannot be overstated. Google has gotten pretty good at parsing content and figuring out what you’re trying to write about, but keyword research will give you the exact terms you need to be using. Plus, it helps you see if people are actually searching for what you are writing about. Your content could be incredibly helpful, but that won’t matter if there is no one around to read it.

3)  Don’t overlook the technical side of things. Google puts a lot of emphasis on mobile responsive designs, how fast your site loads, and the overall size of the page they are indexing. The faster your page loads, the better. A fairly optimized site that loads in the blink of an eye will beat out a perfectly optimized site that takes a few extra seconds to load.

Jeff Proctor


1) To get the most out of affiliate marketing, you really need to understand your audience. Promoting an affiliate product that perfectly solves their particular problem will be much more valuable than simply trying to promote the highest paying offer. For instance, if you have a blog geared towards middle class stay at home moms, trying to sell high-end makeup products would not make much sense.

2) Traffic comes before income. Don’t get caught up in trying to monetize every facet of your site if you don’t already have a steady flow of daily visitors to your website.

3) It’s best to promote products and services that you yourself have tried before (and preferably like). You’ll be able to share a much more informed perspective, which is definitely shine through to your readers – which will increase sales.

Vince Massara 

Focus on what you know: To start earning money, sometimes affiliate
marketers tend to promote too many products and services at once mistakenly. If you’re an affiliate marketing newbie, try focusing on the promotion of a product or niche that you’re really passionate and somewhat knowledgeable about.

Be more interested in your audiences’ problems than your solution: To achieve sustainable success, remember to give value to your audience consistently. A way to do this is to be fully immersed in solving their problems. You should care more about their problems than you do the
solutions you’re offering. This ensures you come to the best solutions. If the people who were involved in train transportation cared more about the problem of getting people from A to B, then who knows, they may have invented the car.

Be patient: Earning a decent amount from affiliate marketing can take time, especially if you’re starting from scratch. A successful blog takes time, and often people get disheartened, assuming online marketing is a way to get rich quick. However, if you stay consistent in your approach, and give value to your audience, the results will come.

 Paul Koger

Foxy Trades LLC 

1) Only recommend products that you like and use yourself. If you recommend bad products, you are going to lose trust with your readers and they will never come back to your site. Repeat customers (users) are why most good businesses are successful. So make sure to retain your user base and trust with them to ensure long term success of your site.

2) Do keyword analysis to find out which product’s reviews people are searching for. Keyword research will show you for which products in your niche people are searching information for. Once you know that, you can then do a thorough review of the product. List out the pros and the cons. You don’t have to like the product, in that case you can recommend something else instead and make money from the other product.

3)  Do case studies. Most people are too lazy to do them while we all love to read case studies. If you find a product that people are searching for. Take the plunge and test it out for yourself. Write about the results and add your affiliate link. If people like your results, they may also purchase the product or service via your link. Even if the case study proved that the product wasn’t what you expected it to be, you’ll find that people will still buy it via your affiliate link.

Note from Leslie

If you think about it, you probably already do a type of referral marketing, you just don’t get paid yet. Essentially, affiliate marketing is word-of-mouth of marketing. If you’ve ever recommended a good book, a movie or a store, you’ve done word-of-mouth marketing. In affiliate marketing, you get paid if the person you recommended the product or service buys.

There are a couple of ways to get started in affiliate marketing. One is to add it your existing income. If you have a blog or home business, you can easily add recommendations to your audience.

If you don’t have something already set up or that is conducive to adding affiliate marketing, you can start a side-hustle that uses affiliate marketing. In this option, there are a couple of ways to do that.

  1. If you’re looking to work-at-home in any capacity, determine if affiliate marketing can be an income stream. For example, if you’re starting a service-based business, can you have a list of product or services that will benefit your clients?
  2. Start a blog. There are several ways to make money blogging, on of the easiest to include is affiliate products.
  3. Use a funnel-email system. This is the method I’ve been using most lately. I like blogging, but it’s a lot of work beyond creating content. The funnel-email system lets me provide great tips and information like I would on a blog, but I only need  a 2-page website and an emails list.

Beyond that, our experts have some wonderful tips to help you find success in affiliate marketing. In particular, the recommendations to focus on helping others find solutions to their problems over trying sell.

Do you have tips on how to make extra money from affiliate marketing?

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