How to Market Your Business in Person


We have asked the experts before about how they market their businesses online. This time, we are getting their advice on how to handle face-to-face marketing. These tips should help you get over any jitters you may feel about marketing in a one on one setting.

Bethany Mooradian from Queen of the Random Job is all about professional workshops, when it comes to her marketing strategies.

“In addition to attending networking events, I run a meetup group where we have in-person classes and workshops. Sometimes I will lead the workshop on an area of my expertise, other times I bring in other professionals to showcase their knowledge. The participants gain valuable information that can help them succeed, and the leaders get to increase their local visibility.”

Christy Hopkins, Human Resources Staff Writer at Fit Small Business has these tips.

As someone who has their own small business in addition to my work at Fit Small Business, I can tell you I’ve learned a lot about promoting my business in person since I work at home. Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Pretend you are in an office still- do you live near a major city or an area where a lot of professionals gather after work? Great- pretend you are still in an office and go to events, happy hours, and make plans with friends who work in that area as well in order to meet new people.

2. Network in a genuine way- join Meetups or other networking groups in your area and go to events to meet new people, as well as to get your name out there. You never know who knows who!

3. Consider conferences- if you are in a major city, chances are there is a conference you could attend. If you are not, then consider the cost of going to a 2-4 day conference where you could grow your knowledge base as well as promote your business.

Sumit Bansal, founder of Trump Excel uses these methods to market his business in a more personal way.

Participate in relevant conferences or meetups where your potential customers are likely to be present. For example, I started participating in ToastMasters International meetings as these included a lot of professional who may need Excel training for themselves or their organizations. As a best practice, I always carry my business card and share it with as many potential customers as possible.

  • Find relevant events where you can become a speaker or a sponsor. I often volunteer to be a speaker at events at universities that allow me to talk about my work and promote it subtly. Often these events are followed by informal interactions where you can further promote your business and share the details.

Tips from Leslie: 

There are two ways you can end up marketing in person; 1) on the fly while you’re out and about and 2) official business meetings and events. In both cases, it pays to be prepared. Have business or drop cards with your information ready to hand out. If possible, have samples too. Also, have an elevator pitch in which you’re able to succinctly describe what you do in terms of benefits to others. For example, I don’t just say I’m a work-at-home blogger. I say, “I help people design flexible careers they love from home.”

I agree with the others in that it pays to get out and mingle with your market and tribe. You can do that in many ways from joining MeetUps and networking groups, attending seminars and conferences, and volunteering to speak at events. Don’t forget, one-on-one presentations to potential clients and customers as well.

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