Favorite Office Set Ups and Must Haves While Working From Home!


Working at home, you’ll spend a lot of time in your office. But unlike a traditional office, where you have to take the furniture supplied and might have limits to the decor you can have, in a work-at-home office, you can design it just how you want. We asked work-at-home experts to share how they personalize their offices and create a comfortable, but efficient work environment for themselves.

What do you do to make your work space unique? Share in the comments!

Chloe Brittain

Opal Transcription Services 

I’ve recently added a new addition to my home office setup: an extra monitor. Since I usually need to have multiple programs open at the same time, I’ve found that this helps me work much faster and increases my hourly rate for production-based work.

For instance, if I’m working on a writing project I can have Microsoft Word open on my main screen and my web browser open on the extra monitor, which speeds up researching time.

I also use the extra monitor when a client sends me a scanned manuscript to type up. Before the double-monitor setup, I had to keep switching between screens, which really slowed things down.

Finally, it also comes in handy for video transcription jobs where it helps to see the subjects speaking as I transcribe.

Kenzi Wood

 Kenzi Writes 

My favorite part about my home office is my sit to stand desk. I purchased it on Amazon for $600, so it didn’t come cheap. However, it’s been a great investment in my health. I feel more energized and alert while working from home. Because let’s be real, it can get a little too quiet and dreary when you work alone all day.


My other favorite thing about my office is the power wall. I decorated the wall behind me with art (most was procured from the thrift store). When I have video chats with clients, I have a fun backdrop that’s interesting, clean, and a great reflection of my personality. It immediately makes me stand out, and I get lots of compliments on it.

 Andrei Vasilescu


*My music system* Music drives away the feelings of loneliness while I’m working at home alone. Certain instrumental music has the amazing ability to calm your mind in order to keep your productivity and mental energy at the highest level. That is why my music system is one of the most essential elements of my home office. It keeps playing one after another classic numbers of violin, saxophone and sitar instrumentals at low volume when I work at my desk. Hence, my music system is my most favorite companion in my home office.

*My special footrest* When you are working from home, to avoid homely distractions you can not frequently get out of your home office to take breaks. This means you have to remain seated most of your working time in the same posture which is a sheer pain for your limbs. To minimize this stress of my lower limbs I keep my feet on a customizable footrest when I work at my desk. This special footrest allows me to keep my feet at any desired position according to my comfort. Hence, my customizable footrest is another essential element in my home office.

Notes From Leslie

It can be fun to set up your home office, but most importantly, it can organized to how you work best. The set up can make it easy to work by having what you need in reach. The decor can motivate and inspire you. My home office set up includes:

  • Stand up desk. I’ve been fighting middle-age spread for some time, so I got an adjustable desk top that I always keep up. I have a stool for those times, at the end of the day when I’d like to sit. Or I simply move my laptop to my daybed (also in my office) to work.
  • I have a fairly large monitor, which is helpful for my eyes that aren’t as young as they used to be. My son says I should have an extra monitor, but I feel like that would distract me. However, I know many people who do have extra monitors and like it.
  • I have an L-shaped set up for extra space to work.
  • I try to keep everything I need within reach or viewing, so I have a Kanban board and my planner right in front of me, as well as pens, stickynotes, and reference books.

  • I have a Google Home Mini that turns on my light, plays my music on Pandora, and will answer various questions I have throughout the day such as “What is the weather,” math problems, and how to spell something.
  • My decor accent color is a sea foam green, which I love. I also have beach decor, as I love the beach.






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