Feng Shui Office: Fixer-Upper Tricks for Your Home Office

Feng Shui Office: Fixer-Upper Tricks for Your Home Office

Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan

The concept behind feng shui is all about generating a flow of energy through decorating. The office is the best and most needed place for a constant flow of successful and vibrant energy. People often underestimate the power of feeling and acting positive, but in order to be successful at the office, you have to feel your best and most organized. This esoteric style of decorating does not necessarily need magic in order to produce results. Check out these four highly effective tricks to keep energy and morale up in your office setting.

Using Feng Shui to Keep Levels of Productivity High

Increasing levels of unwanted stress can slow productivity, but using feng shui, these hidden stress factors become increasingly apparent. Once the hidden stress factors are clear, then they can be properly dealt with to increase productivity. It might be the cluttered desk drawer, or the constant stack of papers or binders in your line of vision, but stress through environment is very real and easily dealt with.

Energy Blocking Walls

In feng shui, walls are not necessarily bad or good. It all depends on their location and design. The perfect location of a wall can encourage and strengthen energy of the staff, and the wrong wall may have an undesirable impact on the energy and creativity of them. Tight corners, awkward hallways, and closed off spaces can deplete worker energy and make your office less efficient. Determine what is helping or hampering productivity or flow, and utilize a capable business building construction team or engineering company like Sullivan Engineering to bring down bad walls, and have them build up better energy promoting walls.

Counter Buildings with Little to No Windows

This takes a two-pronged feng shui approach. Be sure the natural flow of energy in the room is optimized, and utilize prime lighting and air flow to counter the problem. This is also where the advantage of building envelope surveys come into play. Companies can help look for efficiencies in everything from the plumbing to elevators. If you only have limited outside light, make use of mirrors or other reflective surfaces to bounce it throughout the room. A room without windows can be fixed with better lighting, more open doorways, and increased space and decreased clutter.

Getting the Most out of a Command Position at the Office

It is important to use the art and basics of feng shui for any command position office. This position needs to be the strongest and most protected from negative energy. Situate your desk where you are visible and accountable. Try to open up more space and movability in the room to increase flexibility and productivity.
These are great tips to add feng shui into the life of a business and to help foster a deliberate and constant flow of energy concentrated on success and positive thinking. The tips here can be applied to an entire office building, cubicles, corner offices, or entire floors. Most people spend a lot of time at the office and there is nothing wrong with trying anything to bring health and prosperity into the workplace. Enjoy implementing some or all of the tips above.

About the Author: Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

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