Flexible Work-At-Home Options


Although flexibility is often associated with working at home, not all home-based career options are flexible. Most telecommuting jobs require set days and hours. Some home businesses need to operate during standard business hours.

Over at About.com, I wrote an article on Flexible Home Business Ideas, that allow you to work the days and hours you choose. The ideas include blogging, writing, ebay and transcription. Below are a few other ideas that weren’t included in the above article:

Affiliate Marketing: The About.com article suggests blogging as a viable way to make money on a flexible schedule. One way to monetize a blog is through affiliate programs. However, a blog isn’t the only way to make money with affiliate programs. Some marketers create a single web page designed to develop an email list and use the list to promote affiliate programs. Affiliate programs allow you to promote products and services without having to create or deliver them. You can paid a flat fee or percentage of each sale or referral you make.

Digital Information Marketer: The advantage of selling digital product over tangible ones is that there is no packing and shipping. Digital products can be sold and delivered using a system, which means once you set it up, it can run on it’s own (you’ll still need to market). Since many people go online to find information, developing information or how-to products is an ideal way to make money online.

Direct Sales: Starting a business is a lot of work, but you can reduce that by going into direct sales which provides everything you need to get started. The key to success in direct sales is to choose a product and company you can get excited about, and do the work needed to build a business.

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