The Key to Work-At-Home Success: Follow Your Passion, Not the Money


There are many ways your work-at-home journey can go awry, but one that I see frequently is a lack of interest. When many people get started working at home, too often they get caught up in the hype of making big money with a turn-key home business system that they don’t take time to consider whether or not they like the product, company, or business methods. This happens a lot in direct sales, in which someone gets excited about huge compensation and an easy to manage system, but once they join and start working discover that it’s “not for me.” It doesn’t matter how much money can made in vitamins, make-up, cooking utensils or whatever program you’ve come across that sounds profitable. If you don’t like health, beauty, or cooking, you’re going to struggle.

It can happen in work-at-home jobs and starting a business from scratch, too. Yes, you may have lots of experience in bookkeeping, but if it turns out you don’t like math, you can quickly burn out in a bookkeeping job or running your own bookkeeping business.

The trick to finding work-at-home success comes from first identifying your passions and interests, and then finding ways to turn it into money.  Here are some tips.

Identify your passions and interests:

If you’re going to start a new career from home, why not try to find one that you’ll love? There’s nothing that says a job has to be tedious (it just turns out that way a lot of the time). Instead of focusing on finding something that pays a lot, why not start with the type of work you’ll enjoy and then look for the one that pays?

Here’s how to identify your interests and passions:

1) If you didn’t have to work, what would you spend your time doing?

2) What activities give you energy?

3) What did you dream about as a child?

When answering these questions, don’t censor yourself. Instead write everything that comes to mind even if you think it won’t lead to working at home. For example, if you wanted to be a rock star as kid, write down rock star. You may not be able to become a rock star, but you can start a website with rock star news or music reviews, become an audio editor, or maybe you can become a rock star. Justin Bieber started with a YouTube video and look where he is now. (You can leave out the part where you get in trouble.)

Once you have your passions, you need to determine how can make money from it. This is the tricky part, but if you open your mind to possibilities, you should be able to find multiple income methods from your passions.  The basic ways to make money are to:

1) Sell stuff

2) Sell your skill

3) Sell your knowledge.

Do you make something related to your passion such as a non-toxic, non-stinky bug spray (if so let me know). Or perhaps there is a company already making product related to your passion and all you need to do is partner with it. Do you speak a foreign language and like to help people? Translation and tutoring may be a good option for making money with those skills. Are you good at feeding a family of four for only $25 a week? There are many people willing to pay money to learn how you do that.

If you’re still struggling for ideas, do an Internet search on your passions and see what others are doing. You’ll find a host of examples such as blogs and websites making money through advertising, people selling their skills through a service business, or selling their knowledge through books and coaching.

There is a saying that if you do what you love, the money will follow. While it also takes commitment and a plan, doing what you love is an important part of achieving work-at-home success.

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  1. Mariana Teagan says

    True! The right mind set is the foundation of any business, dream or goal to reach. Most of the time people is desperate to make money asap and get lost in a vicious circle of needing-try-error-more needing.

    It’s only when we decided to give first that the doors are opened. It’s only when our purposes isn’t selfish that the good fortune knocks at the door 🙂

    Mariana Teagan
    Webmistress of Baby Chic Gifts
    Visit us at diaper cakes

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Mariana, I agree. Passion and mindset are important. Many people have a long trail of failed work-at-home attempts because they don’t understand what working at home is about and take the time to find the right option for them. Thanks for posting.

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