Top 5 Freelance Digital Jobs to Consider in 2021 to Work From Home

The wrath of covid-19 may be coming to an end but the pandemic has taught us that work can be done from anywhere in the world.

A new concept of work-from-home is emerging and working in the comfort of our homes with PJs on has been a boon for us.

So if you want to know more about opportunities to work from home, read this blog on the most in-demand freelance digital jobs that you can consider for yourself.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is working on your own for a company without being their employees formally. You can work project-based or time-based with a company by offering your services.

You get to charge your own fee for your services and can adopt remote working.

What Are the Benefits of Freelancing?

There are numerous benefits of freelance digital jobs like getting to work from the comfort of your home, work with multiple clients, work with companies of your choice, higher remuneration, etc.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the in-demand and high paying freelance digital jobs that you can pursue right from your living room:

Top 5 Freelance Digital Jobs To Opt For

1. Content Writing

Content writing enjoys the maximum demand when it comes to freelance careers. Every business and company today strives to maintain an up and running blog section.

Apart from that, every business with a website needs content for their home page, product page, product descriptions, etc.

Additionally, for all social media platforms, the caption is king when it comes to posting a video or an image, etc. For all such needs, content writers come to the rescue. And writing can be done literally anywhere and anytime.

Thus, freelance content writing jobs are the most lucrative options if you have a flair for writing and adequate knowledge in fields of your choice.

And to become the most desirable freelancer, you must learn SEO and know how to write SEO-content pieces.

Average Salary Per Month: INR 15,000

2. Video Editors

The consumption of videos has significantly increased since 2020 and saw an even further boost in 2021. There are many video marketing statistics that prove that video content is the next big thing.

But when are videos successful? When they’re edited correctly and made visually appealing that the viewer stays engaged. Thus, if you have a knack for editing videos and a sensibility that they should be curated, video editing is a fabulous freelance job to opt for.

All you will need is a laptop with good and high configuration, good internet speed, and the right software tools to edit.

Average Salary Per Month: INR 30,000

3. Graphic Designing

Images are used everywhere on all digital platforms today. On social media platforms, websites etc. But a poorly constructed image can break a brand’s image. Thus, the need for graphic designers for their posts, ads, logos, etc is rising.

If you’re well-versed with Photoshop, Canva, etc then graphic designing can be a good option. Once you’re set with a company’s voice and the kind of content they want, you can create designs for them anytime and anywhere.

In fact, you can work with multiple brands and design images for them once you’re fast with Photoshop. Thus for all budding designers, this is a nice freelance digital job to go for.

Average Salary Per Month: INR 25,000

4. Social Media Specialist

We’re all guilty of spending most of our time on social media scrolling through millions of content videos and posts, etc. And a few of them are sure to keep us hooked.

So if you want to be on the other side of the game by creating and planning content for social media handles that keeps people engaged to a brand’s page, it’s time you consider social media marketing.

The alarming need for every company to ace their social media game is rising. Thus, if you think you’ve got a move around social media, the kind of content people like schedules and more, this is a very exciting field.

Most importantly, you need to know how advertising works on social media. And it pays good bucks!

Invest in a good social media marketing training program to get all possible knowledge and you’re most likely to receive a higher ROI in the first few months itself.

Average Salary Per Month: INR 25,000

5. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a whole is an amazing skill to learn because every company small or large needs digital marketing today to be able to market their products and services better at lesser costs.

Thus, if you’re the one who likes to be a jack of all trades, going for a comprehensive digital marketing course can be a life-changing experience.

You can conduct digital marketing services for various companies and if you choose to be an entrepreneur someday, digital marketing knowledge will really help you out.

It allows you to target your potential customers over the internet using highly accurate data and at surprisingly low costs.

Thus, if you master the art of digital marketing, your freelance career can see an upward trend very soon.

Average Salary Per Month: INR 35,000

Now that you have some knowledge about which freelance digital jobs you can opt for, here are the platforms where you can apply for freelance digital jobs and bag your first-ever gig.

Freelance Websites To Sign Up On:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Simply Hired
  • PeoplePerHour
  • 99 Designs
  • Nexxt
  • TaskRabbit
  • Guru
  • FlexJobs


We hope this blog has given you some insightful information about freelance digital jobs and helped you take a step towards shaping your career.

You must note that all the skills and jobs mentioned above can be converted into full-time job opportunities as well which can pay you higher.

Before leaving, catch some tips on how you can charge more for your freelance services.

Let us know which job you are interested in pursuing in the comments section below!

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