Frustrated by Your Work-At-Home Job Search? How Succeed in Getting a WAH Job


I get emails daily from frustrated job hunters struggling to find work. I know this frustration, disappointment, and stress firsthand as I have experienced it as well. Indeed, frustration and disappointment are two of the biggest hurdles struggling work-at-home wannabes face. But there are some things you can do to help deal with the challenges in trying to find a work-at-home job.

1) Have realistic expectations: We live in a society focused on instant gratification, but the odds of deciding to work at home today and actually doing it tomorrow are slim. It can take six months to two years to find a work-at-home job depending on your skills, experience, and how often you search and apply. Not only do you need to be realistic about the time frame in reaching work-at-home success, but you also need to choose realistic methods. People don’t pay the mortgage doing surveys or reading email. Neither do they simply sign up for something and make money. Working at home takes work. Lots of it!

2) Do your research: The best way to develop a realistic expectation related to working at home is to educate yourself about telecommuting. Research will teach you what it takes and how long it takes to really work at home, help you avoid scams, and keep you focused on the right types of activities. There is tons of FREE information here at Work-At-Home Success. Read it. Use it!

3) Look for opportunities that fit your skills and interests: Too many people look for the fast, quick buck and end up wasting time and money as these opportunities almost always turn out to be scams or deceptive schemes. Instead, make a list of all your skills, experiences, interests and hobbies, and search for jobs that fit what you know how to do. You’re more likely to be successful pursuing your passion than the money.

4) Evaluate your efforts: If you aren’t getting results from a job search have someone look over your resume, and make sure you are qualified to do the job. If you have the qualifications, make sure your resume highlights that. Increase your chances of getting hired by tailoring your resume to fit each job you apply to.

5) Keep on keeping on: I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t spent a great deal of time and effort to work at home. The one thing that separates them from others who aren’t successful is that they never gave up. They kept learning about working at home, searching and applying for the right opportunities, and evaluating their efforts until they finally reach their goal.

There is a saying about the only certainties in life are taxes and death. In the work-at-home world, there are some certainties as well and those are that you’ll be frustrated and disappointed. But these are temporary if you are able to manage the difficult times and forge ahead towards your goal.

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  1. Teresa Thomas says

    Right now, I am trying to find the right type of job for me, but, it is very hard to find something with out an education. I can see, that. I am trying my best in finding the right one for me. It is frustrating to do some search only to be schemed out of money and time. I’d hate to say it but, I too, have been scammed into the scheme of believing that there is real work out there that can be done in the home. People just have to do their homework and be very careful about what it is, that they truly want out of their lives and believe in themselves in order to be successful. I hope, that one day, that I can find the right job for me to do in the home and then, maybe, more jobs will be coming my way as time goes by. I will keep an eye on the job lists on the internet in the mean time.
    I will also, pass this info. on to other people, that I know, that way, they won’t get scammed like I did.

    1. LTruex says

      There is real work out there. Where people get into trouble is thinking they can just sign up and type or something. Work-at-home jobs are just like traditional jobs; you need the skills and/or experience. If education is keeping you back, then consider getting trained. Take vocational classes or if you don’t have an HS diploma, consider getting a GED. We’ve chatted in the past Teresa and you’ve had good ideas (i.e. your crafts). What have you done towards that? You can sell them on eBay or and it costs nearly nothing. Its the start that stops most people because they want it to fall easily into to place. But like most things in life that are worth having, working at home requires a focused, consistent dedication to make it happen. You can do it Teresa. You just need to do it.

  2. Joe Marston says

    This article offers some good advice. Education is helpful, but is rarely the only important element. Many people without formal education or training are very successful when they are passionate and focused on what they want. And plenty of well educated people are not successful. In looking at any job or work opportunity, it’s very important to ask good questions. And the more fun you can make the search, the better
    .-= Joe Marston´s last blog ..How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business, 5th (Home-Based Business Series) =-.

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