FTC Stops Nationwide Federal Jobs Scam


The Federal Trade Commission reports that it stopped a nationwide job scam in which the defendants were selling government job listings. The complaint indicates that Frontier Publishing, doing business as American Data Group sold job listings, applications and information about government jobs for $69. The FTC accuses the company of falsely claiming that the jobs provided were not advertised to the general public nor did job seekers need to worry about meeting minimum job qualifications. According to the FTC, the public does have access to U.S. government jobs through USAJobs.gov and that most federal agencies will not hire applicants who do not meet minimum job qualifications.

The FTC further claims that the company indicated that job seekers could start applying to jobs as soon as they received their information, but that the packets did not provide enough information for job seekers to determine their suitability to the jobs or instructions on how to apply for jobs. Finally, the FTC reports that the defendants told job seekers they would get sample questions and answers for required “Federal Employment Tests”, when most federal jobs don’t require an employment test.

To read the full press release, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

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