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You’ve probably been to websites that were difficult to navigate. Or maybe you’ve tried new software or apps that were hard to learn. When using a company’s product is difficult, consumers will not only stay away but also, they may write a bad review. That’s why many companies hire services to have their websites, and products and services tested by regular folk to discover ways to make the consumer’s experience easier and better.

What do website testers do?

Essentially, testers visit the company’s website, a search engine, or use service/products to provide feedback on the experience. Similar to mystery shopping, website testers usually have specific things they need to check out and report on. Feedback you’re asked to give includes how well you can navigate the site or how easy the software/app is to install and use. Most tests take 5 to 30 minutes to complete.

What do website testers get paid?

Pay varies somewhat between companies. The average is $10 per test, but some pay more while others pay less. Remember, this is for a 5 to 30 minute test. While it will likely be hard to generate a full-time income as a tester, some people have reported making $500 per month as a tester. Payment is usually through PayPal.

What does it take to be a tester?

Although there is no specific educational requirement, most testing jobs require that you:

  • Speak fluent English (although some jobs require knowledge of other languages as well.)
  • Computer with microphone
  • High speed Internet
  • Current web browser

Some jobs may also require:

  • Webcam – If you don’t have a webcam on your computer, you can buy a good Logitech webcam fairly inexpensively.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet – in the case of app testing
  • Anti-Virus software – if you don’t have this, get it whether a job requires it or not. I use Webroot for my anti-virus protection.

Search engine tester jobs might also require:

  • Web research skills
  • Familiarity with Internet culture and social media
  • Good written communication skills
  • College degree or equivalent experience (although college students are often welcome)
  • PC or Mac
  • Google Chrome

Companies that Hire Testers

To make money with the companies listed below:

1. Sign up with as many testing companies as you’re qualified to work with.

2. Complete any training and tests the companies require.

3. Take the work seriously, always turning in quality work. Many sites rate testers and will give higher paying tests jobs to people with the highest scores.

20 Testing Companies

99Tests (software)

Appen (social media evaluators)

A Try Box – (apps)

Enroll (websites)

Ferpection (websites and apps)

Google (search “Ad Quality Rater”)

LeapForce (search engine evaluator)

Lionbridge (Ads assessor) (websites)

Test Birds (websites and apps)

Test Fairy (mobile apps)

Testing Time (digital products)

Try My UI (websites and apps)

UberTesters (apps)

Usability Hub (short usability tests)

User Feel (websites and apps)

Userlytics (website, apps and more) (websites and apps)

User Zoom (websites)

What Users Do (websites)

Note that many of these companies hire world wide.

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