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If you haven’t listened already, check out my interview with Kate Buck on being a social media manager. This is a fast growing job/business option. Businesses know they need a social presence, but they don’t have the time to create profiles, manage friends and comments, and other social media tasks.

Prior to interviewing Kate, I purchased her program, Let’s Get Social, which is a training program for people who’d like to become social media managers. Let’s Get Social offers video tutorials that takes you through the process of starting your own social media management services. The videos include:

Video One: An introduction that explains what social media management is and what you’ll do as a social media manager.

Video Two: Branding information that helps you set up your own professional looking social media profiles and business site.

Video Three: Tips to creating service packages including what to offer and what to charge.

Video Four: An overview of the daily activities of a social media manager with tips and tricks to using systems and tools to streamline the work.

Video Five: Finding clients and how to have clients coming to you.

Video Six: How to manage your business including billing, contracts and more.

Each video also comes with a printable outline to follow along and take notes as well as an mp3 audio version. Some videos come with additional resources such as videos on how to manage profiles on various social media outlets and sample forms.

The package includes resources such as tools and and how-to’s to set up your business and manage it efficiently. Plus it has a list of books Kate recommends to stay on top of the social media trends.

There are options for an additional price that  include coaching and access to the “insiders club”.

What I liked:
Overall I liked Let’s Get Social. I think the videos provide enough information without being overwhelming. The resources, profile set-up videos and client forms compliment the product well. While you’ll likely need to study social networking in more depth particularly if don’t currently use social networking in a business, you’ll get enough from Let’s Get Social to get started. Because social media changes quickly, you’ll need to study to keep up on current trends anyway.

What I really like about Let’s Get Social is that it fills a need in an area that is new and growing. I see jobs everyday for social media managers. These jobs are looking for people to help manage Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as blogs. Let’s Get Social gives you the information you need to get these jobs and/or build your own business. (Remember, you’ll make more per hour running your own social media management business than you will working a social media manager job.)

What I didn’t like:

I would have liked to have seen transcripts of the videos or audios (as opposed to just an outline). That’s a personal preference. I prefer to read informational products rather than watch videos.

Also, the sales page is a video and again I’d like the option of a sales letter so I can skim for the details and get to the buy button.

Learn more about or get your copy of Let’s Get Social.*


  1. TriNi says

    Sounds like something a bit more time consuming than I have the time for right now. But it does sound like a legit opportunity to make money by working from home. The fact that the video series actually shows that you need to go step by step and understand a process of how this works before you make money, makes it sound more legit to me than those “make up to $10000000 in a week” gimmicks.

    1. LTruex says

      Like any educational/informational product, you have to make the time to learn and then implement the content. I found it helpful for learning about resources I didn’t know of before. Thanks TriNi!

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