Get Paid to Watch TV: Become a Captioner


Have you ever watched TV and noticed what’s being said appears in print at the bottom of the screen? Or at the end of a talk show when you’re offered transcripts of the episode? The verbatim words spoken by people on TV that are provided for the hearing impaired or as transcripts are created by captionists. Captionists may work with other types of video (i.e. YouTube) as well.

Of all the typing-related jobs I find, captioner is the least common, but it is growing. Good, experienced captionists can make $75 per hour.

Skills Required for Captioning

Like other forms of transcription, speed and accuracy are the two skills employers look for in captioners. I’ve seen jobs that need people to type 180 to 220 words per minute. That’s fast! Many companies look for experience in real-time transcription, such as court reporting. In fact, you may need a certificate in court reporting.

  • Captioning experience
  • Court reporting certification or experience
  • Quick typing speed 180+ wpm with 98% accuracy
  • Pass a typing test.

Equipment Needed for Captioning

Needed equipment may vary slightly between companies. Some of the common tools required include:

  • Computer with high speed Internet
  • Real-time Captioning software
  • Digital Foot Pedal
  • Headset
  • Landline phone

Places to Find Captioning Jobs

Captioning isn’t as prevalent as other transcription jobs, but you can check out the links below for possible captioning openings.


ASC Services

Caption Colorado

Caption Max

Caption Media Group – Search for these jobs on


Talking Type Captions

U.S. Captioning Company


Check out these great resources for more captioning work:

Captioners Jobs Listed at

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