Global Telework Week March 3-7, 2014


Back in the 1970s, when the concept of telecommuting was first coined by Jack Nilles, no one believed it would ever be possible for people to work from home. Remember, in the 1970s, computers were the size of Mach trucks and cell phones were sci-fi. But today, despite Yahoo! and HPs new policy to bring home-based workers back to the office, telecommuting is growing.

Global Telework Week was established four years ago by Mobile Work Exchange seeks to encourage businesses, agencies and individuals to make a pledge to teleworking. By registering and making pledge, you can learn how telecommuting can positively impact the environment and the financial bottom line. Research shows that telecommuting saves employers and employees money, improves productivity (which means business get more results for the their buck), reduces pollution and wear and tear on roads.

According to Mobile Work Exchange, more than 136,000 pledged during Global Telework Week in 2013, saving $12.3 million in commuting costs, gaining 665,963 hours in their day and removing 7,892 pollutants from the air.

Whether you’re a business owner or individual, make a pledge to work some or all of your time from home during 2014 Global Telework Week.

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