Good Keywords For Social Media Marketing for Your Home Business

Good Keywords For Social Media Marketing for Your Home Business

Guest post from Deb Bixler

Social media activities such as Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook updates can and will show up in search engine results when keywords are part of the updates.

Interesting Fact:

Google started monitoring Twitter activities soon after Michael Jackson died because Twitter followers heard of the King of Pop’s demise before Google did.

A keyword is a search term that your ideal clients would use. What words to people use to search the internet when looking for your specific niche or products?

It is not always a word. Often it’s more like a phrase. For example, depending upon your product line someone may search Google for your products or services using these types of keywords:

  • wickless candles
  • lotion for sensitive skin
  • books for toddlers
  • easy to cook dip recipe

Keywords For Status Updates

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all powerful search engines within their own sites. I am sure that you have typed into the Facebook search bar keywords or relevant phrases.

The Facebook search bar actually also searches the web as well as Facebook, and Google is searching within all three sites in addition to the web! There are some who say that Facebook aspires to rival Google in search status.

When you craft your status updates using keyword-rich content, Twitter updates will show up in search engine results as well as searches in the social site for those words.

When you create new pages in the social sites be conscious of possible search terms in your titles.

A keyword rich phrase added to your pages’ title or included in your status updates and ‘about’ page may improve your likelihood of showing up in search results both inside and outside of the social environment.

Remember to write for your potential customers by providing value packed updates, not just marketing messages, while including search engine bait at the same time.

Make the most out of your social media time by being aware of the word choices that you include in your status updates!

About the Author: It takes 12 people to be an SEO expert but Deb Bixler, trained chef and direct selling training educator has learned a bit about the topic in her many years online!


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