Google Sues Scammers that Use Its Name and Logo


Back in September I wrote a blog post about The Truth About Google Money. Now Google is taking action by bringing lawsuits against companies that are using its name and logo to dupe people into thinking they can get paid by Google to do little more than sit around and type ads.

I’m surprised Google took so long to take action. On the other hand, many of these scams are able to stick close enough to the truth to slide by. For example, most “Google” programs “teach” buyers how to use affiliate programs and Google’s Adwords program to make money. This is a legitimate way to make money. The scam is that 1) its not a job, 2) Google isn’t hiring and in many cases isn’t the affiliate that’s paying, 3) you’re more likely to lose money than make money if you don’t know what you’re doing, and 4) the “Google” programs continue to charge month after month and can’t be contacted to cancel the charges.

Check out this post on Google’s Blog that provides information on how to spot scammers using the Google name.

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