Happy 14th Birthday to Work-At-Home Success


It’s amazing to believe that it was 14 years ago that I decided to try my hand at building a website to share my adventures in working at home. So much has changed in working at home since 1998. Back then I paid $35 per year for a domain name and $20 a month (paid by the year) for hosting. Today I pay only a fraction of that ($10/yr hosting, $7/mo hosting). I first build Work-At-Home Success using MS Publisher and MS Frontpage (now expressions) both of which cost money. Today I use WordPress.org, which is free, easy and full of great features. Back in 1998 I was lucky to post one work-at-home job every month, while today I post at least 50 to 60 a week. Initially, Work-At-Home Success was a hobby, earning no income. Today, Work-At-Home Success pays for itself and some extras although it is still not my main income source. One thing I’ve always prided myself on was that I had home-based jobs or freelance work from which I shared my tips, lessons, and inspiration. And it’s still true today. While the site does earn money, I still work-at-home in other ventures.

Today, my goals remain the same as when I started; provide concrete, usable information to help you find or create a work-at-home situation. Fortunately over the last 14 years, working at home has become easier and more affordable, making my job easier as well. But it’s not automatic or always easy. While I can provide the information and resources, it’s up to you to use them.

This year, Work-At-Home Success celebrates a slightly new look and format, but continues to provide the resources and information you need, great success stories and expert tips through the podcast, and new features yet to be launched. One goal I have this year is to interact with you more through sources such as the Work-At-Home Success Fan Page at Facebook. I hope you will continue to find value at Work-At-Home Success and will share your stories of success (and even challenges) with me and the rest of the Work-At-Home Success community.

  1. Teresa Thomas says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your business Leslie. May it continue to be a tool of resources for those such, as myself to find work here in the home.

  2. LTruex says

    Thank you Teresa. I hope it continues to help and inspire you and many others as well!

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