Happy B-Day To Me…Jobs Online For You!


I get more questions about work-at-home jobs than any other work-at-home topic. Most questions have to do with getting a “list” of companies or needing proof that work-at-home jobs really exist.

Work-at-home jobs are out there. In fact, in this economy there are more and more of them as companies seek to save money by using home-based workers.

I find that most people who struggle to find work-at-home jobs are generally looking for the wrong jobs in the wrong places, mostly because they don’t understand about work-at-home jobs or how to find them. If that is the situation you’re in, I have an answer for you.

The Jobs Online Toolkit is a complete package that provides details on work-at-home jobs including how and where to find them, and how to get them. PLUS it comes with a report of over 300 companies that take applications on an on-going basis which has been recently updated adding even more companies.

The Jobs Online Toolkit comes packed with:

1) The Guide to Jobs Online with the information and resources (100’s of them) you need to find and get a work-at-home job.

2) List of over 300 companies that are frequently hiring.

3) Video tutorials on how to do a job search at a variety of job search websites.

4) Troubleshooting guide to help you through issues in finding a job.

5) And more!

Plus I’ve added three more bonus21 Ways to Raise Cash Fast, Cash for Content and Successful Career Change Tactics.

Within minutes you can be learning about jobs and even applying to them!

This week is my birthday and I thought I’d give you very special access to the Jobs Online Toolkit. For this week only, you can get the Jobs Online Toolkit for 30% off the regular price. So instead of $24.95 you can get it for $16.95!!

Jobs Online Toolkit Birthday Special

But, the Jobs Online Toolkit at the $16.95 price is only available to you until Midnight May 28, 2010, so act now!

If you’re serious about wanting to work at home, you’ll want to check out the Jobs Online Toolkit at this very special price.

Jobs Online Toolkit Birthday Special

  1. April says

    Happy Birthday Leslie!!! Enjoy your day!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you April!!

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