Have Fun, Get Paid! 7 Fun Ways to Make Money from Home


Looking for Fun Ways to Make Money from Home?

More often than not, the words “work” and “fun” rarely go together. But work doesn’t have to be unpleasant, tedious, boring or stressful. Especially if you’re creating a career from home, why not find one that you’re excited about doing? Working at home in a job or business you hate is hard. In fact, it’s more difficult than commuting to a job you hate because it’s harder to make yourself do the work. Here are 7  fun ways to make money from home doing activities you enjoy.

1. Make Money Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping? There are several ways to make money from home simply by doing your regular shopping.

  • Mystery Shopping – Learn about mystery shopping plus get a list of legitimate mystery shop companies.
  • Shopping Apps: Check out apps that save money and pay rewards (cash or gift cards) such as BerryCart,  Ebates,  IbottaParibusSavingStar, and Shopkick
  • Fulfillment by Amazon – Like on eBay, you can find discount items while doing your regular shopping, at thrift stores, or yard sales that you can sell on Amazon.
  • Ebay – Like on Amazon, if you find good deals while shopping, grab ’em and sell them for a profit on eBay.
  • Etsy (vintage goods) – If you enjoy antique shops, you can sell your finds (20 years or older) on Etsy as a vintage good.

2. Be a Star

You don’t have to be discovered in a soda shop in Hollywood to become famous. While it might seem like Internet celebrities are a dime a doze, many of them are making good money through ad feeds (i.e. Google AdSense), paid posts (i.e. on Twitter or Instagram), and affiliate marketing. The most common methods for becoming an Internet celebrity are YouTube, Instagram, and, to some extent, podcasting. The trick is to provide information or entertainment that grab people’s attention and keep them coming back. You can do a reality-type show, highlighting your fun or wacky views on life. Or you can do tutorials and how-tos. Again, the secret is in the delivery.  Below are articles from other resources on how to get started and build fame on the Internet.

3. Smartphone Use

There are apps that pay you to shop, test apps, take surveys, do small tasks and more. To get a list of all sorts of fun apps that pay, check out 58 Smartphone Apps that Pay You.

4. Social Media

Blogging and YouTube are often considered social media because they’ve got a social component. But there are other ways to make money from home on social media, including social media management, sponsored posts, and more. Check out this article on 5 Ways to Make Money on Social Media for ideas.

5. Get Paid to Do Your Hobby or Interest

Would it be nice to spend your days enjoying your hobby and getting paid for it? While there is debate about whether or not it’s a good idea to turn something you enjoy into a job, it’s hard to argue that getting paid for something you like is bad. There are numerous ways to make money from home from your hobby or interests.

  • Blogging – Blogging can be time consuming, but if you have a love or passion about a topic or interest, it’s one of the most fun ways to make money online. Love chocolate, you can start a chocolate blog. Enjoy working on your car, start a blog about car detailing and maintenance. The options for topics is endless.
  • Etsy – Through Esty you can sell your arts and crafts, and even digital products (i.e. stickers)
  • Writing – You can get paid to freelance write on topics that interest you. Or you can publish books related to what you love. To learn more about making money publishing books, check out Digital Writer Success: How to Make a Living Blogging, Freelance Writing, and Publishing Online.
  • eCourses – Teach your hobby or interest through an online course. It’s easier and more affordable than ever using a resource like Teachable or Clickfunnels to host and sell your course.
  • Sell Your Photos – If you have photos, check out this article on How and Where to Sell Your Photos Online.
  • Reading– Do you enjoy reading. There are several ways to make money from home with books. You can write reviews, edit, and more.
  • GamingSutherland Global hires gaming customer service agents. There are also apps, that pay you to test out games. Finally, some gaming sites, hire freelance writers.
  • Watching TV – There are several ways to make money watching TV such as Viggle, but if you can type, you can also make money through captioning. Check out this post on 10 ways to make money watching TV.

6. Get Paid to Drive

If you like to be out and about, you can get paid to drive your car.

7. Cooking/Baking

There are many ways to make money from your love of baking, including selling your baked goods, or hosting a YouTube backing channel. You can even get paid to sell your recipes. Check out the links below for more details.

Do you have other fun ways to make money from home? Let me know in the comments below.

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