Holding Profitable Online Sales Parties

Holding Profitable Online Parties

A live online Party is not necessarily any easier than a live in-house home party but it can open you up to a wider range of hostesses.
While many of us have attended webinars, online meetings, taken online courses, and are comfortable with the concept of going “online,” some have found themselves hesitant to giving an online party a try.

Held completely online using Web Conferencing software, a live online party, like a traditional home party, takes careful planning, hostess coaching and a focused effort.

Online Sales Events – Another Alternative

A live party or sales event online can be a great alternative for that hostess who doesn’t want to clean her house or has only a limited amount of time.
Think of all the possibilities. In today’s tough times an online party can result in reaching and helping more people while adding an additional revenue stream to your business.
In-person parties are fun, but can require travel, time, and planning. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit in your bunny slippers and accomplish the same thing? Everyone is looking for new ways to have fun and be productive, increase their sales, and still provide a valuable service to their clients.
This is not to replace your in-person parties but another offering or service that you provide can be the online party format.

Getting Started With Online Home Parties
Offering your products and parties online may seem like a daunting and difficult task but it doesn’t have to be, and it can be a great way to add to your current offerings and make you more money!
These are the steps necessary in getting started in online home parties:

  • Online Home Parties Need Web Conferencing: There are hundreds of them. Some research and investigation is necessary to pick one that matches your technical skills and budget. There are plenty of “free trials” so you do not have to invest before you are committed to continuing online parties. The conference bridge service that I use has a screen sharing service also, which I have never used, but it is FREE!
  • Script a line that you may include into your party plan presentation to plant the seed for holding online parties as an alternative service: “I recently started holding Live Online Home Parties too! While they are not as much fun as getting together with friends, they are a great opportunity for getting your favorite products for free or at a discount if you don’t want to clean your house [laugh] or have lots of friends who live on the other side of the world!”
  • Make a hostess coaching check list for online meetings: This would be almost the same as a live show. It is important to hostess coach your online meetings as much or more than you would for an in-home party. You may want to read another article on using technology for coaching.
  • Create an email or technology-based invitation: There are many invitation services you can use if your company does not provide e-invitations.
  • Make a registration plan: It is important to have RSVPs that come to you. You want to be able to send out reminders and also links to your website’s online catalog during the show. The easier you make it, the more orders you will get.
  • Script your live online home party: This is even more important than in a live meeting. People can easily be distracted when at their own computer.

Script Your Online Party

Your online party, just like your real in-house home party, should be fun, to the point, timely and keep everyone’s attention. I strongly recommend that you set up a power point with your presentation products, games and even a picture of yourself if you are not using a webcam.

Script out your online party and make sure it is less than 45 minutes. Just like a live in-house home party, your guests will not tolerate being bored! It is a lot easier to get up and walk away if they are not in the same room with you, so include all the elements of a live show in your online meeting.

  • Testimonials
  • Products
  • Education
  • Bookings & Opportunity Talks
  • Fun
  • The Wow! Factor
  • Guest interaction

Just because they are not in the same room with you does not mean the show will not generate sales. Think about the infomercial and how effective that is for creating desire for a product!
While an online party will never replace the one-on-one connection that a in-person show brings, it can open up a whole new market for you, but don’t expect it to be any easier!

About the Author: Deb Bixler teaches party plan sales techniques that work for all direct sellers. Virtual events enhance the home party plan business model but will never replace it!
Learn more about Deb Bixler and check out all the great resources available at the largest home party plan training center on the web at: www.CreateACashFlowShow.com

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