Home Based Work for Persons with a Disability


Working from home has become increasingly popular with many people who need the flexibility or find getting to work difficult. With so many viable and legitimate stay-at-home jobs, be it piece work or virtual assistant, someone with a disability can find employment in the comfort of his home. Even a hobby can become a way to make money from home.

If you are disabled, it can be incredibly hard to find employment. Today’s world of computers and high-speed Internet access mean new choices and good paying options for people who want the flexibility and convenience of careers that don’t require commuting to an office, or working for someone else. Working at home is a popular choice for many people with a disability. It can be much simpler to work something flexible at home than to deal with whatever limitations your disability may cause at an office or other place of work.

General requirements for working from your house include; the need to be computer literate, well versed in English (depending on your location), and the ability to self discipline yourself to regular working hours without distractions.

Some Example Work from home Jobs:

Article Writing – Freelance writing from home can provide extra income while allowing you to work from home on the Internet writing for various websites.

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Call Center – If you have good phone communication skills then maybe working a home call center would interest you. Call center workers work from their own homes and usually answer customer service calls.

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Affiliate marketing – This is where you advertise a specific product(s) for someone else, for example; a downloadable product such as a computer program, games, or instructional video or even Ebooks. An example company that offers affiliate marketing opportunities is Amazon. Amazon will pay you a percentage every time someone buys something through what is known as an “affiliate link”.

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Mystery Shopping and Survey Work – Mystery shoppers are generally paid $5 to $100 per assignment to pose as an everyday customers and rate a store or service. Filling out surveys or participating in various focus groups can earn you from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars each.

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Online Auctions and Classified Websites – Internet auction sites have helped many people just like you earn additional revenue. The most well known online auction site, eBay, states it features than a million “professional sellers” who use Ebay as their primary or secondary source of income.

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National Telecommuting InstituteNTI is a nonprofit organization specializing in staffing Americans who need work at home jobs due to a disability. NTI is non-profit organization that has worked for over 15 years with employers, Social Security Disability Insurance, and other vocational rehabilitation services that work with disabled individuals.

Making Money Online:

Finding a genuine online job or starting your own website is fast becoming one of the best stay at home methods of earning extra income, especially for the disabled, seniors, semi-retired, and the unemployed.

In general the Internet brings to you an excellent home-based business resource to earn money online with very little or no investment outlay.

Many websites today offer cash, reward points and more for taking surveys. There are many out there that really do pay reasonable amounts of money – you just need to find the right websites and companies that both appeal to you and that are legitimate.

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