Home-preneur: 4 Great Products for Starting Your Home Business


Guest Post by Anica Oaks

Proper space and equipment are two of the most important aspects of a successful home enterprise. One space in the home must be selected as an office; even if the home business involves manufacturing, repair or packaging, it is essential to set aside an area for management and administrative tasks, and it is also essential to choose the right equipment. Here are four great products to get your home business started.

Ergonomic Desk

If your home business requires you to sit down for hours, the kitchen table is not going to cut it. Ergonomic desks and workstations are designed to provide a healthy workplace through proper posture and motion. Unless you choose an ergonomic solution, desk work can take a major toll on the body. For most business owners, this is not an expenditure; it is an important investment.

All-In-One Computer System

The right computer system for the modern home entrepreneur should be powerful, mobile and flexible. To this effect, many business owners are turning to the new tablet-laptop combination devices, also known as “2 in 1” systems. The new Microsoft Surface Book is a good example of a portable device that is powerful enough to be a business desktop; it has the added benefit of highly efficient synchronization with Windows smartphones.

Advanced Networking Devices

When setting up your home office, there is a strong chance that the space you choose may not be permanent. Many business owners who work from home often change the location of their offices for various reasons; sometimes it is due to the arrival of a new family member, but other reasons may include moving to a quieter or more illuminated space.

Whatever the reason, one of the best ways to handle an in-home office relocation is to install the right networking device in the first place. A modem/router combination with a repeater and range booster (made cheaper with promo codes for AliExpress) is a small business investment that will give you mobility throughout your entire house without having to worry about a tangle of cables.

Bookkeeping Software

Unless you intend to outsource the entire accounting functions of your home-based business to a professional accountant, you are going to need at least one basic application for bookkeeping. One of the major reasons for small business failure these days is due to poor accounting decisions, which are often caused by deficient bookkeeping. At the very least, you should get an application that allows you to keep a ledger, record accounts payable and receivable, reconcile your bank accounts, and generate invoices. QuickBooks is a popular choice, but there are many others to evaluate.

Getting off to a good start is essential for the success of your home business venture; the four items listed above will certainly help you in this regard.

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