Home Professionals: 25 Reasons Why You Are Failing In Your Business


25 Reasons Why You Are Failing In Your Business

No one starts their business with failure on the mind, wouldn’t you agree? But the truth of the matter is that many home working professionals end up closing their doors after months of lack. They lack money, they lack experience, they lack clients and ultimately they begin to lack belief.

I couldn’t count how many times I’ve wanted to quite and just give up on my home business. Those were the times that ultimately made me a more focused and dedicated business owner. There are many tough life lessons to be learned during those times of lack (or drought), but today I’m going to talk about the top 25 (personally learned) reasons why your business is failing.  {Be sure to watch for part 2 on “how to over come these 25 reasons of failure” in my upcoming post.}

  1. You make more excuses than you have money
  2. You have more fear than faith
  3. You focus on what you lack instead of what you want
  4. You don’t believe you can succeed
  5. You look at your current situation instead of your dreams of having a successful future
  6. You don’t believe you deserve to succeed
  7. You don’t feel you have what it takes to help others
  8. You don’t like wealthy people or those with more than you have
  9. You have a limited idea on how much you can truly make in your company
  10. You focus on the negative issues around you
  11. You try to mimic those around you instead of becoming your own person
  12. You are placing blame of your lack on others
  13. You settle on less because of what others may think about you or you allow your inner doubts to take over any action steps you need to take to move forward
  14. You allow your fears to over take your actions on a daily basis
  15. You not have written down your life vision and your purpose
  16. You don’t invest in your own education or reach out to mentors
  17. You have shame or embarrassment that you are hanging from your past
  18. You don’t believe you were created for success
  19. You don’t share your knowledge with others
  20. You tell yourself negative thoughts and listen to the self doubt
  21. You procrastinate on a consistent basis
  22. You lost the vision you once had and are struggling to recapture it
  23. You fail to get back up after being let down
  24. You are too willing to give up when it gets tough
  25. You don’t know, what you don’t know

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