How and Where to Sell Your Photos Online

There is money to be made through selling your photos and graphics.


You may have heard content is king, but photography adds visual appeal to that content, make photos a high in demand commodity.

Blogs and social media are most read and shared when visuals are included. Like text, photos can be copyrighted, which means you can’t use any one photo you find online.

As a result, there is money to be made through selling your photos and graphics.

Selling Photos to Private Websites

While most people thing of selling photos for money as something requiring a keen eye for composure and a pile of expensive equipment, that is often not the case.

In fact, many of the photos used on sites likes these are actually shot using a smartphone!

They don’t need to be professional grade, but they should be good quality. Sites like Energy Job Shop for example are constantly on the lookout for ‘niche’ photography that includes real working situations that don’t require a fancy camera setup or lighting.

‘Stock’ Photo Sites

Stock  photo sites are some of the most common places to sell your photography.

Best of all, you can earn 15% to 60% percent of the sale of your photo depending on the resource used and the type of customer is buying.

For example, stock photo subscribers tend to pay less for photos than people who buy one at a time or through credits.

Most companies pay through PayPal once a week. Some places require you meet a threshold before payment is made.

Below is a list of places you can sell photos and graphics.












Now, get out there and turn those camera clicks into cash!

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