How to Create a Winning WAH Job Resume (Including a Sample)

How to Write a Winning Work-At-Home Job Resume

There are many reasons people struggle to get a work-at-home job. One is that they don’t look for the right jobs in the right places. Another is that they don’t send a resume that projects them as the ideal candidate for the job.

Resumes are not boring documents that list your skills and experience. They are marketing tools that sell you as the solution to the employer’s problem. To do that, you need to match your skills and experience to directly meet the needs of the employer. That means you don’t necessarily need to include everything in your work history. When I write my resume, sometimes I leave out old job experiences if I don’t think it’s relevant. Other times I include it, but it appears as a single line with no details about the job duties. The work experience that shows I’m ideal for the job is the focus of my resume.

At the end of the samples below, I provided a link to an article on writing a resume for a work-at-home job and a video tutorial on how to prepare an email-friendly resume (because you never want to send your resume as an attachment or paste from Word).

In the samples below, I offer explanation in red.

Email Subject Line: Application: Shopping/Lifestyle Writer

Leslie Truex, MSW


Internet Brands (Company)
Shopping/Lifestyle Writers Wanted (Job Title)

Hello, (If you can find a name for the HR person, include it here.)

I’m applying to the position of Shopping/Lifestyle writer for Internet Brands. I recently finished a short term assignment writing articles about anxiety for Internet Brands and would like to continue to write for you.

I’m a freelance writer and the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible: A Guide for Women, published in 2009 by Adams Media. Additional writing credits include Lenovo’s Business Insights and Guidance, the Houston Chronicle’s online news site,, and AZ Central. I also blog for Working Mother Magazine’s Mom Blog. I’ve written on a variety of topics that include home budgeting, debt, home business, telecommuting, parenting, motherhood, adoption and more.

I have been working online since 1998 and I have experience managing websites and blogs using WordPress, and writing articles and blog content on a regular basis. I know basic photo, video and audio editing software.

I have a BA in Psychology from Willamette University and a masters in Social Work from California State University, Sacramento.

I have included my resume below.

Please let me know if you need further information.

Thank you for your consideration.


Leslie Truex, MSW



Leslie Truex, MSW

2012 Internet Brands – Writer, Short Term Project: Anxiety

2009 to Present – Freelance Writer
• Small Business and careers for
• Small business, financial, health, and adoption for
• Diet, weight loss and fitness for
• Fitness articles AZ Central

2009 to Present – Workforce Adjunct Instructor: Piedmont Virginia Community College
• Courses in home-based careers and writing

2009 Author: The Work-At-Home Success Bible (Adams Media)

2002 to Present – Adoption Social Worker: ABC Adoption Services/Carolina Adoption Services (telecommute)

1998 to Present Online Entrepreneur:
• Coaching, writing, blogging and information products relating to home business, telecommuting and marketing.

1990 Masters in Social Work, California State University, Sacramento, CA
1988 BA Psychology, Willamette University, Salem, OR

Internet marketing, blogging, email list building and management, social networking, WordPress, basic HTML, basic Photoshop, audio and video, and website management


In the above resume, I didn’t include my work experience as a social worker for the health department or as an elementary school guidance counselor because it’s not relevant to the job and it’s work I did over ten years ago. However, when I apply to writing jobs related to parenting, children or psychology, I do include my work experience in social work and list my work duties such as counseling, parent education, and paraprofessional supervision. The same is true when I apply to health or fitness related writing jobs, in which case I add that I’m an AFAA certified fitness instructor and that I’ve been teaching fitness courses since 2001 (if I’m paid to exercise, I’m more likely to do it!!). This is what I mean by tailoring a resume to the job. Jobs that require health and fitness knowledge are going to focus more on my fitness background. But as you see in the sample above for a lifestyle/shopping writing job, I don’t mention my fitness background except as experience in writing fitness articles.

For tips on creating a work-at-home resume, check out Work-At-Home Resumes.

For information on how to create an email-friendly resume, check out this video tutorial:

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Leslie Truex is an ideaphoric writer, speaker, entrepreneur, social worker and mom trying to do it all from the comfort of her home. Since 1998, she's been helping others create careers they love by providing work-at-home information and resources through Work-At-Home Success.

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4 Responses to How to Create a Winning WAH Job Resume (Including a Sample)

  1. Joe says:

    In your resume,how did you omit unrelated experience without leaving a gap in dates? I have sporadic experience,how do I put that all together?

  2. LTruex says:

    I wouldn’t say omit experience, especially if it suggests a gap, but I’d focus on relevant experience and just have a line about other experience. For example, if I’m applying to a place focused on health and wellness, I provide a lot of info about my background in that, but only a line for each place I was a social worker, which didn’t involve health and wellness. I hope that helps.

  3. Beverly says:

    Want To Know If EMPOWER Network Is a legit work at home opportunity.

  4. LTruex says:

    My knowledge of the Empower Network is limited, although I know it’s been around for a long time. I can’t say that it’s a scam, in that it’s illegal or trying to steal your money. However, there are a few complaints regarding the program. Further, I’m not a big fan of these “sign up make money” programs. Working at home is like any other work. You should tap into skills, experience and interests you already have. Work-At-Home Success has tons of information and resources to help you find the right work-at-home option for you. Thank you for visiting WAHS!!

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