How to Get Help and Guidance for your At-Home Business

Get Help In Your Home Business

Let’s start out with a scenario here. Let’s say that you’ve finally decided to make the leap and start your own at-home business.

You’ve decided on your products or services. You know the market you want to reach. You know the problems you solve for them. You’ve started creating your website.

But then you get stuck.

It might be a tech thing that’s stumping you. Maybe you’re trying to decide on a marketing plan. Perhaps you’re trying to figure out your process for onboarding a new client.

Whatever it may be, you’re stuck. And you’ve never created an at-home business before.

So, now what?

You need help. But where to get it? What kind?

Thanks to modern technology, help is just a Google search away. Depending on how much financial or time commitment you’re willing to put into things, you have several different options.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Local Chamber of Commerce: You might think about the Chamber for marketing your business, but you can also use it as a chance to meet other business owners who are further along their journey than you. There may be someone willing to help you out and answer questions.

SCORE: They provide free business mentoring to entrepreneurs in the US. You can check them out online or meet a mentor in person.

Online groups or forums: I highly suggest narrowing this down to industry-specific groups when looking for help because people in the group will understand your specific problems when it comes to your business model. You can do a Google search for “your industry name + forum.”

Associations: Many industries have their own associations that offer different versions of free and paid help for their members.

Mentor or Coach: Again, searching within your specific industry for a mentor or coach can be very helpful here. You’ll find lots of different options available to you from people who are willing to take you under their wing at no cost to you, to those who are willing to barter services, to situations where you can pay to work with a coach in a group or one-on-one setting.

These are just a few suggestions. They might not all work in your situation—it really depends on your business model and what you can commit to time-wise and financially.

So, the next time you get stuck in your business, don’t stay there! Check out the list above and get the help you need to keep moving forward.

Let’s hear from you. Where do you turn when you need help?

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