How to Increase Adsense Revenue On Your Blog


For new bloggers, Adsense is one of the easiest ways to start generating revenue on your blog. However, simply posting Adsense ads doesn’t mean the money will come. Here are tips to increasing income from Adsense.

1) Use a theme with pre-set Adsense blocks. These themes not only make it easy to add your Adsense code, but in theory the theme is tested to be optimized for ad revenue. If you don’t have an Adsense theme, test out difference ad sizes and placement to see which give the best results.

2) Write great content. The better the content, the more likely people will trust you and therefore, click on your ad links.

3) Experiment with ad types. Adsense gives you choices of the types of ads you can run from text, graphics and video. Change out the ad types in your blog to see if one type of offer does better than others.

4) Don’t over do it with ads. Adsense has a limit of 3 of its ads that can be shown on a page. But many bloggers also include other allowed ad programs, affiliate offers and sell ad space. As a result, your site can end up looking like the Las Vegas strip. Instead, track ads and use those with the best results and/or rotate ads giving your visitors more reading and breathing room on the site.

5) Market your blog. Along with good content, marketing is crucial for reaching readers. The more you can attract to your blog, the greater the income you can earn.

6) Follow all Adsense rules. Google isn’t very forgiving if you mess up, so make sure you read all the TOS and follow the rules which include:

  • Don’t click on your own ads – Use the right click function and copy and paste the main URL of the ad if you’re concerned about the quality of an add for possible exclusion.
  • Don’t use incentives to entice others to click on your ad.
  • Don’t deceive or trick people into clicking your ads.
  • Don’t use questionable traffic generation programs such as traffic exchanges or ‘paid to click’.

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