How to Keep Your Home Business Secure

How to Keep Your Home Business Secure

Guest Post by Eileen O’Shanassy

One of the most important aspects of an at-home-business is how much security you should invest into it. Your budget may not allow you to do everything you want to, but there are several things business owners should do immediately to insure both the business and its customers are protected fully. Not taking any precautions will put your business at risk for many things, including natural disasters, break-ins, and cyber-theft.

Secure Critical Data

Any customer information you input to your computer is immediately at risk for cyber-theft. To protect it, you must invest in a system that will do the work for you. Firewall, malware, and virus protection can keep your customer information safe. With very sensitive material, you may even with to invest in an encrypted Wi-Fi system. Along with all this, be sure to back up your files daily as your whole business could be lost in the event of a computer failure.

Insurance Policy

A mistake many home business owners make is believing their regular homeowner’s insurance policy will cover everything in the event of a disaster. If a fire breaks out and your home is a total loss, your business will not be covered unless you have taken out a separate business policy. It is also important to consider whether the policy covers liability issues with your business. If a client came to your home business and got hurt, you want to be sure your business is covered.

Security System

A security system is also something to consider when you own a home business. You have invested a lot of time and money, and as this may be your only income, it is crucial to protect it. Installing fire alarms, water detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms will protect you from fire and other disasters, but your business will need more home security options. Burglar alarms, including glass-break sensors, and surveillance equipment will help you to protect your valuable assets. You may also wish to install an intercom system if you have clients coming to your business on a regular basis.

An at-home-business is no different than any other business, and it carries the same risk. Fire, floods, and other types of natural disasters can quickly wipe out all you have. Add in the risk of theft, whether it is an actual burglar or a cyber-attack, and you will realize just how important it is to invest in the security of your business.

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