How to Make Money on eBay


If you’ve never tried eBay before, now it s a great time. Not only can you find great deals on holiday gifts, but you can make money as well. In fact, during lean times when I needed money quickly, I sold unused and unwanted items around my house for quick cash.

But eBay isn’t just for frugal buyers or people looking to make a few bucks. Many home-based business owners make a living selling on eBay. You can check out Jenn Cangelosi’s interview on how she makes a living on eBay and her guest posts on selling on eBay for WAHS.

Over at Home Business, I provide the steps to making a living on eBay. It shows you how to get started, how you can test drive eBay to see if it’s a good fit for you, and how to turn an eBay selling hobbying into a full-time income. It also includes links to tons of resources to help you learn more, find products to sell and more.

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