How to Make Money on Instagram


When you think of Instagram, you might think if Kim Kimkardashian or foodies posting their daily meals. But in many ways, Instagram is like another social media platform where people post what’s going on in their lives, except they do it through pictures. What’s even better, is you can make money on social media, including Instagram.

If you enjoy Instagram and are building a following, there are opportunities to make money at it. Here are 6 ways to make money using Instagram.

How to Make Money On Instagram

Sell Your Photos

There are many places you can sell your photos online. Here are a few that include selling Instagram photos.

500px: 30% for non-exclusive images and 60% for exclusive images

Candidly Images: Earn 50% from each photo.

Foap: Earn 50%

Instaprints: Sell your images to be used on printed items (i.e. prints, greeting cards, etc). Set your own price. Earn 75% Earn either by taking photos requested by others and getting selected (Challenges) or by building your own portfolio. Pay is 70% for challenges and 50% for portfolio sales.

Twenty20: Stock images. Only Apple iOS app at this time, but you can sign up online.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s a little harder to promote affiliate products with Instagram than with other social media outlets because Instagram allows only one URL in your bio, so you can’t put them in your post. However, if you’re creative there are ways you can promote affiliate products using Instagram Stories, which is starting to allow links. Or, if you use a URL shortener, like, you can switch out the URL the link goes to. Shopify has a good overview on how to use Instagram stories to market.

Selling Your Own Products/Services

Today, you can use a place like CafePress, GearLaunch or Teespring to create customized t-shirts, and other items you can sell online. Or you can sell digital products you make. You can put your store or web URL in your bio, and then use Instagram to share pictures of your items, pictures of people using your items, and more.

Instagram Consultant/Manager

If you’re an expert at Instagram, you teach others how to use it, or become a social media manager focusing on Instagram, or adding it to your work on other platforms. Over at Upwork, there are Instagram consultants charging anywhere from $15 per hour to over $100 per hour.

Your best option is to start your own Instagram or social media marketing business, but you can find social media jobs at FlexJobs and freelance job sites.

Sponsored Posts

To get paid for sponsored posts, you not only need a good following, but a responsive one as well. In this case, a business or brand pays you to create an Instagram post or video, include a hashtag, mention or link per the brand’s request, and share it. Pay is usually done based on likes and comments. For example, you might earn 25 cents per like and $1 per comment. has a Sponsored Post Calculator you can use to find out how much you might be able to earn on your Instagram account.

Places you can look for sponsors include:

Do you have any other ideas or tips for making money on Instagram? Let use know in the comments below.

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