How to Market Your Service-Based Business Online

Market Your Service Business Online

Many people struggle with how to market their service-based business online. They know that they offer great value but they’re just not sure how to convey that and reach the people who could use their help.

Often it’s due to a mindset block, especially if you’re coming from a brick-and-mortar business or store-front type of business structure. You might be used to in-person meetings or networking events and you don’t know how to transfer that online.

But marketing online to get clients doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Here’s the big key:

It’s about building relationships.

It’s about getting to know people and then demonstrating what you can do to help solve their problems.

Yes, that’s the big secret!

How do you go about doing this online?

It starts with finding where your ideal clients hang out most online. Perhaps it’s on certain social media channels, groups or forums, or even their own blog.

Do some research. Find them and meet them there. Learn about them, get to know them and then reach out.

Let’s get more specific:

  • Read their social media profiles. Do you have anything in common personally or professionally?
  • Join in the conversation. If your target market frequents certain groups, on Facebook for example, join those groups and get involved in the discussions.
  • If your ideal client blogs, subscribe to their blog and leave insightful comments. Share their posts via social media and tag them.
  • Once you do those things and you’re on their radar, after researching their business and seeing how your services can solve a need that they have, reach out. Send them a message.

If you provide services for or travel in the same online circles as someone they know, asking that person to make the introduction first is even better.

In your message, tell them how you know each other. Maybe mention what you might have in common. Tell them what you love about their business. Then discuss the results your clients get from working with you (the pain points you solve) and how you would love to help them with that as well.

And don’t forget a call to action. Do you want them to email you back to continue the conversation? Schedule a free phone consultation to chat further?

Remember, you’re building relationships–not pushing your services. No one likes to be sold to. But if you make a connection with someone, show that you can be trusted, that you love what you do and can solve a problem for them, then you have a winning combination.

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