How to Prepare for the eBay Holiday Selling Season


Guest post by Jenn Cangelosi

Stores have their holiday displays and merchandise out. Hard to believe but the Holiday Season is upon us once again. The sales on my eBay store are even beginning to increase. You may be wondering if you are ready for the holiday sales season on eBay? Well here are a few tips on how to prepare for the important eBay holiday selling season.

– List all your holiday inventory, ie. clothes, toys, gift items. The best way to sell an item is for a buyer to see it. I encourage you to list items to your store (if you have one) year-round. List all seasons, all the time. Ignore the temptation to hold onto an item just because you think it isn’t the correct season to sell it. Some of the best sales I have made were from off-season items.

– Go through the kids toy box. We try to do this twice every year, before Christmas and before Easter. When we do this, a month or two before the holiday, I list any sellable toys that we can part with. The earnings can then be used for some newer toys. As a motivation to my 9-yearold and now 3-year-old, I have them write a Christmas list so we have a goal for how much
money we need to make.

– Stock your shipping supplies. I find that you can get shipping supplies straight off eBay including mailing envelopes, packing supplies, boxes, postage supplies, extra printer paper, ink, etc. Some of my favorite sites to get supplies and postage aside from eBay are and You can even get free flat-rate boxes from

– Plan ahead meals, break out the crock-pot! Nothing beats getting done working all day on eBay sales and having a warm meal already prepared. Prepare the meal first thing in the morning and just let it cook all day. Sticking to a schedule will help ensure that your family doesn’t get neglected. Keep a list of crock-pot recipes on hand, or check out Pinterest for a few
good ones, then just fix it and forget it.

Best of luck this holiday selling season!

About the Author: Jenn Cangelosi has been selling on eBay for more than 10 years, earning both PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller status. The past year has found her spending time on Amazon as well, quickly becoming an expert at the ins and outs of this new marketplace. She is dedicated to helping others build thriving businesses by sharing her knowledge and expertise of buying and selling on eBay and Amazon. Get more great tips at Boutique Bargains.

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