How to Set Goals for a Successful E-Business


Guest post by Jen Cangelosi

I find it invigorating to have a goal to strive for. Most eBay sellers have the same goal – to be successful. Break out of the constraints of selling on just eBay and open their very OWN retail store. That could mean an actual physical location or even an online retail presence. Whatever your primary goal – go for it!

The first step to attaining a goal is to Be Consistent!

A common obstacle for eBay sellers is consistency. Set a comfortable pace and keep that pace. Remember that goals won’t be reached overnight. If you work too many long hours and pull all-nighters, you are going to end up feeling overwhelmed. Which will in turn decrease your chances of reaching your goals. It is unreasonable to expect yourself to be able to list hundreds of items to your eBay store in one day. However, if you consistently list a few items each day (or a pace that you are comfortable with) – you will reach that goal of filling your eBay store with inventory in no time. Even better is that by listing gradually day after day, you keep Search Engine traffic coming. Keeping a constant flow of listing traffic, helps boost your sales.

The second step to reaching your goal is to Stay Focused.

I can be a very schedule oriented person. I like to stay on schedule, if my schedule gets thrown off so does my entire day! I have been getting better at not letting certain things bother me – however when it comes to my business it is important to keep to a strict schedule. By sticking to my schedule I am better able to keep my focus and accomplish my goals in a reasonable amount of time. By placing my focus on one thing at a time, I ensure that I put 100% into each thing that needs to be accomplished. By doing this I ensure that everything gets done correctly the first time – and that feels great!

About the Author: Jenn Cangelosi has been selling on eBay for more than 10 years, earning both PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller status. The past year has found her spending time on Amazon as well, quickly becoming an expert at the ins and outs of this new marketplace. She is dedicated to helping others build thriving businesses by sharing her knowledge and expertise of buying and selling on eBay and Amazon. Learn more about about Jen at Boutique Bargains

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