How to Use Google Adwords Bid Experiment


When it’s time to jumpstart your pay per click campaign, understanding the ins and outs of Google Adwords is essential. One of the key tools that will aid you in effectively utilizing the system is Google Bid Experiment. It can be seen as a safety net for advertisers because it enables them to implement a specific change at any level of the account for a certain percentage of time. That includes keywords additions, bid changes and landing page changes. The Experiment functionality allows you to utilize both a control (what you had prior to the experiment) and an Experimental variable (the change). An example of that would be having an ad with Landing Page A show 50% of the time, and then a separate ad using Landing Page B the other 50% of the time. You then can utilize and segment that data for optimization purposes.

The video covers the process of making bid adjustments in the Experiment tool to see which max cost per click allows for the highest level of efficiency. In the example, we have a starting bid for a group of keywords (this is our control), but we suspect that more clicks can be gained with a lower bid (we also assume budget is limited here). The tool allows us to see the effects of a lower bid and implement this new bid decrease while ensuring that it only applies in 50% of ad auctions. It’s a controlled and cautious method to use when testing out bid adjustments.

Video created by Straight North a PPC Management Agency.

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David Ohm is the PPC Manager at Internet marketing firm Straight North. He is a Certified Professional in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

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