How to Use Private Label Rights in Your Online Business


Discover how private label rights (PLR) content can save you time in your online business! 

I’m in a private funnel group for women at Facebook, and recently someone posted a question about how other members got content. While several said they hired out for some of their content, I shared that as a die-hard DIYer, I often used private label rights (PLR) content.

What is Private Label Rights (PLR) Content?

PLR is content you can buy, and then modify and post as your own. You can find PLR content of articles, ebooks, software, video, audio, and graphics.

What is the Advantage of Using PLR Content?

I like PLR over writing from scratch or hiring a writer for several reasons including:
  • PLR saves me a great deal of time compared to writing from scratch. If I want to write a report, I have to research, organize, and write. PLR gives a basic report already researched, organized, and written, and my time is spent tweaking to add or remove the content I want, and making it my own.
  • PLR content is very affordable compared to hiring a writer. When you factor in the time involved in plotting and writing, I think buying PRL is cost effective, over writing from scratch, as well.
  • You can modify the content of PLR so that it’s in your voice and style. With PLR rights, you can add, delete, rearrange and revise the content. In fact, to be unique, you should absolutely change PLR content. By modify, I don’t mean simply rewrite, but also you can often break up a report into articles, or combine articles into a report. PLR is extremely versatile.
  • You can claim authorship and ownership of PLR. While someone else wrote the basic bones of the PLR content, because you’ve modified it, and as part of the license you’re given, you can put your name it and claim copyright.

Are there Downsides to PLR?

There are a few reasons why you might not want to use PLR, such as:
  • PLR content isn’t exclusive. While some PLR sources limit the number of licenses they sell, you’re still buying content that hundreds, maybe even thousands of others have bought and intend to use. This is why revising the content to make it unique is so important.
  • The materials are often generic and boring, and some are poorly written. Again, this is why rewriting PLR content is important, so you can add your own voice and style to make the content interesting and unique to you.
  • Some PLR has restrictions on how you can use it. For example, you may not be able to offer the content for free. Or you might not be able to use the same cover that comes with the report. While these limitations are mostly in master resale rights (MRR) materials, PLR content may have some restrictions as well so you should read the licence carefully.

How PLR Can Save You Time in Your Online Business

For the most part, I’ve used PLR content to create lead magnet and other freebies I offer in my online ventures. However, there are many ways you can use PLR to provide value while saving time in your online business.

  1. Blog Posts: You can get a pack of PLR articles and rewrite them for your blog.
  2. Email Newsletter: You can use PLR articles in your newsletter as well. Remember, your email newsletter is about building trust and a relationship with your subscribers, so you want to modify the content so that it adds value for them.
  3. Email Series: Because PLR articles often come in a pack, you can use the materials as part of a welcome series or ecourse for new subscribers.
  4. Reports: You can get PLR reports, or you can put a bunch of articles together into a single report. You can sell the report or use it as a lead magnet to attract new subscribers, or other freebie you offer your readers/followers.
  5. Information products: You can buy complete packages of PLR that includes articles, reports, videos and more. Or you can piecemeal them together to create a product. These  information products can then be tweaked and sold.
  6. Bonus materials for your product: People like free bonuses, but to create your signature product and then extra bonuses can take forever. You can add value to your sales offer by using PLR content as extra bonuses.
  7. Lead magnet: A lead magnet is freebie offered to entice people to subscribe to your list. It can be a report, check list, planner, printable, video or other valuable item. Most of these can be obtained as PLR.
  8. Tripwire: A tripwire is a low cost product often offered right after someone signs up for a freebie (lead magnet) in a sales funnel. If you don’t want to create this product, you can use PLR content.
  9. Upsell: You can make additional income off your products or services by adding more stuff for people to buy.
  10. Products: You can get full package PLR that you can use as product you sell, or piecemeal several PLR resources into a package. You can combine something you created with PLR to create a product, such as an ecourse, ebook, membership site and more.
  11. Resell the PLR package: You’ll want to check the licence before turning around and selling the PLR package to someone else as a PLR package. Many forbid this, or they require that you buy master resale rights. What the difference between selling PLR content and selling PLR content as PLR? In the first option, you’re repackaging the content and selling it to an end user. In the second, you’re selling the content to someone else to sell.

How to Use PLR Content

The important thing to remember in using PLR content is to revise it. What sells online is authenticity and uniqueness, both of which PLR lacks. The PLR gives you the foundations of content and then you go in and add your own flare, update or add information as you see fit, and remove any that you don’t like.

When Not to Use PLR Content

PLR is a great tool to help you in your content marketing, and even in creating a portion of an information product, but you should be careful when using PLR. Here’s some times when you shouldn’t use PLR:

  1. SEO: While PLR content can rank in search engines, depending on how unique you’ve made the content, it might come off as duplicate content, which Google tends to skip. So if you’re hoping to use a piece for search engine ranking, you’re better off to write it yourself. Or, a few hacks to the PLR content include using a different title and subheadings, as well as rewriting a significant amount of the piece.
  2. Sell on Kindle and other ebook platforms: Some places forbid the sale of PLR content, but even if you don’t, chances are someone else is already selling it (legally or illegally), and it will be hard to stand out from the crowd. Further, when it comes to selling content, a unique voice is crucial for long-term success.
  3. You have mostly PLR content already. PLR is a way to supplement your content marketing on occasion. It shouldn’t make up the bulk of your blog, info product, and other content.
  4. Guest posting or freelance writing. PLR should only be used on your own platforms, and not submitted as a guest post or as a freelance writing piece. Because it’s rewritten content, you might get in trouble for plagiarism by trying to place it with someone else.

Where to Find Quality PLR Content

The biggest challenge is in finding quality PLR content in your niche. While you rewrite PLR, poorly written or skimpy content makes your job harder. Here are a few resources I like:

Coach Glue VIP: If you’re looking for a ton of great niche content related to online businesses, coaches, speakers and more, splurge for Coach Glue’s VIP package. It comes with reports, courses, planners, and other great resources you can use in your business. This is what I bought! Not only is there so much stuff I can repurpose, but also, it’s great content that I can use in my own business.

60 Blog Posts: Also by Coach Glue and at an affordable $27, you can get 60 done-for-you blog posts related to online businesses and coaches such as productivity, marketing, doing live video and more.

Coach Glue: There’s a ton of other resources Coach Glue offers related to online businesses and coaching. Mix and match to get exactly what you need.

Easy PLR: If you need very affordable content in other niches such as family, finance, lifestyle, food, health and more, you have to check out EasyPLR. You can get quality written articles and reports. One perk of Easy PLR is that it limits the number of licences to 150, so you’re not competing with a ton of other people to make the content unique. I’ve bought several packages from here.

PiggyMakesBank: PMB has a wonderful set of affordable PLR in business, health and wellness, self-help, and more. Plus, you can have a variety of options in getting it, from buying a one-off, to buying the entire PLR kit and kaboodle, all-access by topic, or monthly membership of new content. There are some really cool niched topics here.

Need help with Email Content? Here are a few I bought I like:

Affiliate Email Swipe Files: I like this one because it already suggests what affiliate products you should include.

Email Ramp 999 Done-For-You Emails: It will be hard to stay stuck with nearly 1,000 done-for-you emails you can tweak and send.

Income Ideas…Create Your Own PLR and Sell It!

If you’re a blogger or have already written a lot of content that you have ownership of, why not package it and sell it as PLR to others? Alice Seba has an article on How to Make Money from Content You’ve Already Created.


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  1. Mozie says

    Hello Leslie. Thanks for all the advice. I think PLR is a true time-saver. but you’re right you should never use PLR content as is. the aim of PLR is to save time. Always edit it with your own insights and views. Make it as unique as you can, add your brand, images and even videos to the content if possible.

    1. LTruex says

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Mozie. I agree that the more unique and branded you make PLR, the better.

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