How to Write a Business Mission Statement


A business mission statement is an important tool when starting your direct sales business. It can be as crucial to success as a business plan. It captures, in a few concise sentences, the very essence of your business’s philosophies and goals. The business mission statement also lets potential customers, employees, community members and suppliers know what your business is all about.

The mission statement identifies and clarifies every facet of your business, including the organization, the technology, the products, the pricing strategy, the employees and the suppliers. It should also reflect the growth potential and the targeted marketplace. The mission statement should clarify the goals and objectives of the business.

To develop a mission statement that works, it is crucial to ask the right questions before you begin. The first question is to ask yourself what type of business you are starting. Most people who start a business have done hours of research and planning, but many of them fail to take the extra time to correctly categorize and label their business.
5 Keys Questions to Ask Before Writing a Business Mission Statement

  1. Why did you start a business? Think about the reason you started the business. What do you seek to achieve for yourself, you family, your employees and your customers.
  2. What image do you want to convey? This can include branding, types of products you will sell, location, pricing and desired niche within the marketplace.
  3. Who are your customers? You cannot create an effective marketing strategy without knowing to whom you are directing your promotion. What is your target market? What can you offer them that will make their lives better or provide them with some pleasure?
  4. What roles will you and your employees have within the company? You must designate roles and jobs while working within your own personal leadership style.
  5. How will you use technology, capital and financial resources to reach your goals and objectives? A wise allocation of key resources is essential to every company’s success.

To create the most effective mission statement, it is important to get others involved.

Talk to partners, family members and other business owners. Find out any pertinent information from others who have started a business. You should also take the time to have a brainstorming session. Consider every idea or suggestion. Write down all ideas and suggestions and then weed them out when you begin to develop the statement.
Once you have finished your mission statement, you need to spread the word about your new business.

  • Tell everyone about your business.
  • Hang your business statement in the office where everyone can see it.

Your business statement is similar to your country’s founding documents.

Consider your business plan as important to your business as the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution is to the United States!

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