How Working At Home Helps the Planet


I have to be honest, I’m surprised by all the debate about climate change. Why? For one, this is the only planet that currently sustains life, so we should be good stewards of it. I think the planet will continue rotating through the universe long after we’re gone, but I believe it is possible we could make it uninhabitable. We need clean air and water to live. We need other animals and plants to support the ecosystem. Why risk it? Especially since it’s within our power and not that inconvenient to reduce our impact.

One way to help the planet is through working at home. There have been many studies that show telecommuting reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere. pulled together recent telecommuting statistics that show the greenhouse gas reduction from working at home would be the “equivalent of taking the entire New York State workforce permanently off the road.”

Another potential benefit is reduced energy use. This depends, in part, how drafty your home is. Heating a large office building takes a great deal of energy and expense. But if your home is energy efficient and you can wear warm flannel in the winter or shorts in the summer, you can use less energy working from home than in an office.

Because working at home involves digital communication and project management, it can reduce the amount of paper, thereby saving trees, which are important not just for supporting animal life, but service as source of oxygen for us to breathe.

Along with reducing wear and tear on the planet, working at home can save money for employers and workers. If you’re thinking about asking your boss to work from home, you can mention that a telecommuting program could save him up to $11,000 per employee a year! Working at home reduces the need for oil imports, lowers real estate and overhead costs to business, and saves on commuting expenses. With all those potential benefits, working at home is a no-brainer!

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