Increase Your Reach with Guest Blogging

Increase Your Reach with Guest Blogging

If you’re looking for ways to get more traffic to your site and let more people know about your business, then being a guest blogger might be right for you. Let’s explore the “what and how” of this marketing strategy.

What does it mean to be a guest blogger?

It means that you create a unique article to be published on someone else’s blog. You post it on their site as a guest.

This marketing strategy can be helpful to your business whether you are a service provider, a blogger or if you sell any kind of products.

Writing guest posts for someone else’s blog gets more eyes on your business. It helps to increase your exposure. It gives a different, new audience a chance to find out about you and what you do. And ultimately, it will drive more traffic to your own website.

How do you find places to guest blog?

First, you want to look for blogs that have the same audience but offer complementary services or products.

For example, let’s say that you’re a graphic designer for business coaches. Writing a guest post for a bookkeeper who also serves business coaches and has a blog would be a great idea.

In order to find other bloggers, search for them in groups and forums on different social media platforms. Then check their site. They may have info posted about guest blogging there. Or you can just reach out to them and ask if you could write a guest post for them. Ideally, you want to establish a relationship with the other blogger.

What do you blog about?

You want to make sure that your post is relevant to the audience. Keep it benefits driven. In other words, don’t skimp on the content. Make sure that it’s helpful to the reader.

Do a little research to make sure that your potential topic hasn’t already been covered on the blog. If you can link your guest post to an existing post on the site, even better.

Be sure to follow any rules they might have about guest posting. Don’t assume that it’s okay for you to add links to your own products.

Once your guest post has been published, be sure to thank the person and share the post yourself, telling your own audience why it would benefit them to check out this other blogger’s site.

Think about the big picture here. This could potentially become a relationship where you refer clients to each other, and perhaps have them write a guest post for your site as well.



Increase Your Reach with Guest Blogging

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