Is Your Home Office and Business Protected?


Did you know that your renters or home owners insurance may not cover all aspects of your home-based business? According to Nolo, if your home burns down, and your insurance company didn’t know there was a home office, you may end up with a voided policy.  But insurance isn’t just about protecting your property. Its also about you and your staff’s health, as well as protecting you from liability.

Insurance needs you should check out include:

  • Property coverage and loss of business
  • Auto coverage
  • Liability coverage for products as well as seeing clients in your home
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance for you and your staff

There are many options for finding coverage. Some companies now offer a joint home/home business coverage, which may be cheaper than adding riders to your existing policy. You’ll want to shop and compare to find the best business insurance quote and group health insurance rates. Fortunately, there are many options available.

You’ll also want to protect your business from your employees. It’s not unusual these days for employers to do background checks on their employees through companies that specialize in verification of social security numbers, driving history, and criminal background checks.

Don’t take a chance on your business’ financial future by not having adequate insurance coverage. Do the research and make sure you’ve got all your assets covered.

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